Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Traeden 2008

Traeden did some amazing things this year.  When I broke my leg he became my right foot man. =) While Conrad and Samantha went to visit Grandma T., Grandma O, and Janelle and Charity he stayed home to go to school and help me.  In the primary program Traeden was asked to write his own talk about supporting and serving his family.  He was the perfect one to ask because he really stepped up to help out.
Traeden worked all year to get ready for his Suzuki Book 1 recital.  This is quite the feat, he played all 20 songs from memory.  He invited his family, a few neighborhood friends, and school and primary teachers.  It was so neat to see all the support he had.  He did so well and I was very proud.
Traeden is now in 2nd grade and is reading very well.  He does very well at math and is already doing multiplication and some division.  I have to have Devin grade his math because it takes me too long.
He is doing Basketball with his cousin Josh.  This is his first team experience and Devin is having a good time coaching along side with Greg (Deonne's Husband).  
Traeden enjoys playing with Conrad and friends, loosing teeth (lost 4 so far), building with legos, computer games (PBS kids and Webkinz), and watching movies and Saturday morning cartoons.  He is very fun and can be super silly.  I appreciate when he is a great helper, he often will serve Devin and I by making our bed.  What a great example he is to his three younger siblings and we sure love him!

Traeden Pictures 2008

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Conrad 2008

Conrad is a big Kindergartner!  He loves school and his teacher Mrs. Campbell.  He goes to Thomas Edison South Charter School and excels at reading.  Conrad has been taking violin lessons from a neighbor, Jennie Evans.  He loves to play Jolly Old Saint Nicholas and Jingle Bells.  If he practices everyday, he gets money from his teacher so he can buy special candies.  
Conrad's favorite things to do are:  Play with friends, play with his leapster and since Christmas, he likes to play with the Wii he got from his Great Grandparents.  He also likes the big pirate ship he got for Christmas.
Conrad is a big helper around the house, he feeds the dog, cleans his room, makes his bed, empties the dishwasher, and takes out the milk cartons. 
Conrad and Traeden play pretty good together, they also like to battle with each other, but it's all in good fun.  Conrad is so close in riding his bike without training wheels, he just needs a little more practice and confidence.  He is a very smart and lovable.  We are blessed to have his sweet spirit in our home.

Conrad Pictures 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Samantha 2008

Samantha has done a lot of growing up this year.  
First she had to deal with her mom not being able to carry her and help her as much for a few months since mom had a broken leg.  She also got to visit lots of family and friends who were so generous of their time.  This was a big help for mom and I think Samantha became even more flexible.  
Then she got a new baby sister.  This is always an adjustment for the youngest and Samantha did very well.  She just wanted to help out.  Sometimes this was hard for her to understand when it really wasn't helping mom out.
Samantha wanted to start using the potty about when Abigail came.  Mom and Dad were not quite ready to take this on so we put her off for about a month and then started potty training.  It's December and I still feel like we are potty training.  She is doing pretty good but we do a lot of reminding and cleaning up accidents still.
After Halloween Samantha got "magic bracelets".  We borrowed these thumb guards from Derek and Charity to help brake the habit of sucking her thumbs.  She did so good and never cried about not being able to suck on her thumbs.  Her thumbs got really red and irritated after a few weeks so we decided to take them off earlier then the 4 week time frame the company suggested.  Well just this week we have noticed a few times Samantha has been sucking her thumbs.  Not a lot, so we've debated about using it again.  
Samantha is a sweet girl and brings us lots joy.  She loves to hold and play with her dolly she calls "Holly."  She loves to cook, and clean, and work side by side her mom.  She is a daddy's girl as well and loves to get tickled, kissed and cuddled.  
We just love this little girl!

Samantha Photo Slide Show 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


3 months

5 months with Grandma B
1 week
Abigail Irene is a bright star in our family.  She was born June 10 of this year.  After she was born she made her parents nervous when she wasn't breathing.  The cord was wrapped tight around her neck, which also caused her heart rate to drop during heavy contractions.  The nurses and doctors were so capable and got her breathing after a few minutes of panic from mom and dad. 
Her brothers and sister dote on her and love to hold and help mom care for her.  
She has a few nicknames...  Peanut (Devin calls her this), Belle, Babs, and Abby.  She smiles at everyone.  Strangers will come up and talk to her (completely ignore mom) because she gives them eye contact and genuine smiles.  
I have lots of help at church when I am busy in Primary or singing in the ward choir. Abigail gets held by neighbors who just love her.  
Some of Abigail's accomplishments this year is; learning to sleep through the night, rolling over, and her famous smile.  
She loves hearing clapping.  Instead of being startled like my other baby's have, she looks all around and smiles.  She may be a famous performer someday, who knows.  
We are trying to keep her feet warm this winter which has been tricky since she has happy feet. When we get her up in the morning, she has worked her dancing feet either completely out of her pajamas, both feet into one legging, or all scrunched up above the leggings.  During the day its impossible to keep socks on her feet as well.  We are investigating some booties that are hard to take off.  Any suggestions are welcomed.  
Her favorite activity is watching her brothers and sister dance and play.  She is fun to be with and still enjoys cuddling to the delight of her parents!  We love you Abigail.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Snow Snow

It is a blizzard out there today.  I was going to go to Traeden's class party but now that the snow is coming down so hard and with the other three kids in tow I thought we better skip it.  Luckily I didn't have any responsibilities I was just going to show up.  I think we will stay indoors and sip hot cocoa (that is after we shovel for a few hours =)).   I heard Las Vegas got dump on and Devin's dad told us this morning that they got a few inches as well.  Logan has just been frigid this whole week so a bunch of snow is nice because it's not as cold.  
Don and Ailene Overly are celebrating there 45th Wedding anniversary.  I think that is really cool. I feel proud to say Devin and I have been married 10 years but 45 that is awesome!  Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Traditions

Christmas is almost here and I was thinking how fun it is for everyone of all ages.  What makes it so fun and memorable.  For me it's the traditions.  Here is my favorite Christmas Traditions not listed in any order of preference just when they come to me.

Watching Christmas Movies (especially Miracle on 34th St.)
Making cookies for Santa
Taking and recieving nieghbor gifts
Christmas caroling
Shrimp Dip and chips-thanks to Mom T!
pinoche and caramels-thanks to Mom O who makes this faithfully each year
Secret delivery's to friends and family
Christmas Cards from far away family and friends
Being with family
Reading and acting out the Christmas Story of Jesus

What are your favorite Traditions?  I'd love to hear, just reply to this message (for those of you who have never done this-It's fun and easy and I love to see who is reading our blog)
Merry Christmas and keep your traditions alive!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December never slows down.

Abigail loves bath time!
All Traeden wants for Christmas is his 2 front teeth!  (I wish =))
Nibley Live Nativity Scene at the Old Barn

They had live animals to pet and even a huge camel!
We got a hayride to the Nativity.
Devin and I started shopping in November so we could have a relaxing December.  We got done with shopping for almost everything before Thanksgiving.  We should be coasting right?  There is always things to do but I am grateful we have a lot done because otherwise I would be way stressed out.  I think because we have done a lot in advance the family has been able to enjoy some extra fun things.  Here is a few pictures of some things we have done.

Snow came this weekend while Devin was camping up the canyon with the scouts.  He didn't get much sleep because the boys thought it would be fun to sing and talk and yell all night.  We are still drying out our tent in the garage.  

Our family did a fun family night.  Our bishop gave us a wood manger with the story of the last straw in it.  So we all drew names to pick who we would do service for until Christmas day.  Every time you do service you get to put a piece of paper in the manger with the service on it.  On Christmas we will read all the acts of service that was done.  The hard thing to do is keep it secret.  I asked Conrad if he needed any help with his service.  He said he was going to give Dad a big hug and a kiss when he got home from work.  So I asked, "So you have dad?"  "No, I have Samantha", he answered.   I was confused.  "How does that serve Samantha."  Conrad said, "Because Samantha's only jobs are to look cute and give dad hugs and kisses, so I'm helping her by doing one of her jobs."  I got a laugh out of that.  
I'm finding it hard to serve my kids that is not out of the ordinary.  I want to do special things that I don't already do.  That can be tough since moms already do so much.  But this has brought a special spirit in our home so we will be making this a Overly tradition.

Friday, December 12, 2008

And another year flies by

Yesterday was a great day!  It was my birthday and my family and friends made it very special for me.  My kids made me a necklace that turned out really cute.  Devin made me breakfast in the morning.  I went out to lunch with my friends.  Yes that is me with the sombrero at "El Toro Viejo"  My favorite food Mexican!  Then we went to the ward Christmas party where Traeden played a piano solo, Conrad played the violin in an ensemble and Devin and I sang a Duet.  The party had about 300 people there.  It was a great turn out and so much fun.  I had so many birthday wishes in person, phone, card and e-mail.  Thanks to you all.  It's nice to be remembered.  It was a special day and I can't believe I'm already 31.  Time flies by so quickly!  I have to apologize to Traeden for not getting his picture in here of him playing the piano.  I went up to help him get the piano ready and Devin was holding both girls so we didn't get a picture.  But he did an awesome job and the whole ward clapped and cheered loud for him!  I had to put the two girls pictures in, this was in the car right after the party. 

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Cheer

This is our Christmas Lights.  It's hard to see how magnificent they are but you get the idea.=)  Merry Christmas to all!

Abigail at the high chair getting ready for her first meal.  6 months old. Wow time flys by.

"Mom, Somethings wierd"

This is Conrad's new catch phrase.  I'm not sure where he got it but he says it at least 3 times a day. He will sometimes say it when he has discovered something new or learned something.   It is really cute and I'm sure won't last forever so I thought I better write it down or I'll forget.  Yesterday Abigail turned 6 months old!  I gave her first "solid" meal to her.  She wasn't sure about it but attempted to eat a few spoonfuls of liquid rice cereal.  It is funny that they call it solids but it is nothing like a solid for the the first while.  I'm convinced that it doesn't matter exactly when you start solids, they will still stick their tongue out.  Everything else they want to put in their mouth but when it comes to that spoon they push it out with their tongue.  Go figure.  

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Today I had yet another successful freecycle experience and thought I should share.  I had a friend who told me about freecycle and so I tried it out and love it.  Its basically a yahoo group based in Northern Utah who get rid of their things by posting their items.  If you have something you don't use anymore you can post the item as an offer and then those that are interested contact you through e-mail and then make arrangements for pick-up.  
I have received more then I have given so far.  We got some old kitchen cupboards that we put in our laundry room, I got a pan, and today I picked up a stroller that hopefully will work with our car seat.  (Our stroller lost it's wheel on Halloween)  We did have a funny experience on Saturday that made Devin and I laugh pretty good.  Someone posted that they had 4 Pokemon bean-bags.  I was so excited because we have been thinking about getting something for the kids to sit on during movies and such.  So I arranged to pick them up on the way down to my parents house on Saturday.  We went out of our way to South Weber and found the house with not too much trouble.  When we got their the father answered the door and we told him what we were their for and he had to call his wife to see where they were.  Shortly he came around the corner with 4 little Pokemon stuffed animals.  We smiled and said "Thank you."  We got in the car and started laughing and said "Bean bags?"  Not exactly what we were expecting but all the kids were so excited to play with their new toy on the way down to Grandmas.  
I have given away zucchini, peppers, 3 nativity scenes, clothes, bassinet and a Boppy.  
If you want to check out the group here is the link.  It's pretty fun and helpful.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Express your Love

Friday night we lost two neighbors to a tragic car accident in Sardine Canyon.  Curtis and Tami Anderson were driving home from SL and had their two little kids in the back along with a family friend  Hannah (a granddaughter of another neighbor)  A 19 year old boy was driving home from USU and must have fallen asleep at the wheel and hit them head on.  Curtis and Tami and the Hannah (the friend) died on the scene.  Their two children Kailee and Jackson were taken to hospitals.   Kailee who is 5 year old was life flighted to Primary Children's Hospital and is in a full body cast.  Their funeral will be on Saturday and our whole ward is in mourning.  Tonight all of our subdivision will turn off our Christmas Lights in honor of them.  The Anderson home will be the only home to have their lights on.  I pray their children will stay close to the Savior and know how much they are loved. 
We never know how long we have to express our love to friends and family.  Give someone a squeeze today and tell them you love and appreciate them.  For more information on the accident you can visit 

Friday, December 5, 2008

God Does Provide!

I've been really concentrating on being prepared in our food storage and 72 hour kits.  I did an inventory a couple weeks ago and found out what foods and items we are still in need of.  I spent the majority of food budget this month on sale items that were for our food storage.  I've heard before that if you start working on food storage things just start to happen for you.   
I got a call yesterday night from a ward member that had two large boxes of apples that she just couldn't get to.  She wanted to give them to me.  This was the exact item that I had been thinking that we needed more of-applesauce.  Call it luck or what you may but I know that God knew I needed and would use the apples if I was given them.  I'm thankful that my neighbor was in tune to hear the Lord whisper our name when she thought who she should call.  
God also provides us opportunities for growth.  I was asked on Tuesday if I could do a 30-45 minute musical program for the AA RP association of Cache Valley for Thursday December 4th at the Bluebird Restaurant.  I was first thinking "Are you crazy? That's in two day's"  Then I thought after a while, "No, this is a good opportunity for me to brush up on some of my piano, and guitar skills."  It really was a fun experience for me.  I spent the evenings on Tuesday and Wednesday after putting the kids to bed playing Christmas Songs.  I even recruited Devin to sing "The Wexford Carol" with me, and Deonne did the piano duet "Sleigh Ride."   I love playing for this age group for a few reasons.  They are completely accepting of you, they have some amazing musical histories so they have heard of most every song play, and they are so grateful.  This is the audience that after you are done playing it takes you an hour to leave because you have so many that come up and thank you and tell you a story.  I even had a man that came up and played me two songs on his harmonica that he had in his pocket.  Just remember that God does and will provide.  

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Decorating Christmas Tree

We decorated our Christmas Tree yesterday.  Deonne and Greg got us a great looking tree from his parents property over Thanksgiving.  We had fun decorating it.  Traeden took the picture with me in it.  He loves to take over camera duty!

Meanest Mom in the whole World

It now has been declared and thus deemed official by Traeden (age 7 1/2) that I am "The meanest mom in the whole world."  This is really what he said to me several times last night.  We have had some hard times this week and we are only on Wed.  Prior to this declaration we had a nice Christmas program at Thomas Edison Charter School where both Traeden and Conrad performed with their classes.  We have a tradition to go out for a treat after every performance.  This is a fun way to celebrate performing and a way we tribute the practice hours prior the performance. 
So after the concert I asked the boys if they wanted Dilly bars or ice cream cones.  Everyone wanted Dilly bars so we headed to Dairy Queen.  We got to Dairy Queen and found the workers doing their own celebrating and closed early for a company Christmas party.  Traeden was convinced they were still open because he could see people in their.  Trying to explain something to a 7 year old boy who knows everything never ends well.  So giving another choice (which I've learned doesn't always work, but I still make a conscience effort) of getting a frosty at Wendy's or a cone at Arctic Circle.  Traeden lays down the ultimatim that if he can't get a dilly bar he will only accept a shake at Arctic Circle.  Since Conrad said he wanted a cone we ended up going to get cones.  Still Traeden is ranting about how unfair life is.  Right before we are ordering in the drive thru I ask Traeden if he decided if he wanted a cone or if he didn't want anything.  He said he wanted to get a Dilly Bar tomorrow when it was open.  So I ordered 3 cones and proceeded to ask Conrad and Samantha what flavors they wanted.  I ordered vanilla for myself and paid.  When Traeden realized I didn't order him anything this is when he made his statement of me being the meanest mom in the whole world.  (Devin was home teaching during this moment if you were wondering and thought the whole thing was funny)  To my defense I just wanted to give him a treat!
This morning Devin and I decided that Traeden just likes to argue so we are on a mission to stop the arguing and just walk away.   
I'm determined to be a good mom and if that makes me the meanest mom in the whole world sometimes in his eye, I'd rather that then wake up someday and realize I'm creating the meanest, spoiled rotten, ignorant, and lazy adult who isn't ready for the real world.   

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Recuperating

So its been a while since I've posted any new items because of the Thanksgiving break.  It seems whenever we have a holiday were we visit family.  It takes me a week to get all the clothes unpacked, car unloaded, laundry done, and dishes clean.  In the meantime life just goes wising by.  I have been fighting a sore throat for the past few days.  But with that I've had fevers and chills during the day and then worse at night.  This has been exhausting that I actually took a nap for the first time in a long while.  Today I am feeling a bit better and hope I can feel a little more motivated to get the house in order and give my children more of my attention.  
Thanksgiving was great for us.  This was the first time the Steven Titensor family had Thanksgiving alone.  Not that we don't enjoy getting together with all the aunts and uncles, cousins, and their kids.  It's just getting so big that it can be a bit to much.  So we had dinner at Mom and Dad's house and it was nice.  Devin helped Dad on the new patio they are making and it is looking really nice!  Soon it will be too cold to do much out there so it was good to get a bunch done.  

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Sometimes I feel really organized and together.  Today with the couch full of laundry, the kitchen sink full of dishes and the to do list which gets longer and longer I want to scream!  I remember going to a seminar a year ago where the fly lady came and visited.  I thought I need some fly lady advise.  So I signed up for her daily e-mails and I'm committing to get organized a little more each day.  She says if you are organized you have more time and energy to do the things you love.  For me that is spending quality time with my kids, playing the piano, reading, and spending time creating things like scrapbooks, decorating and such.  So let it begin I say, let it begin!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Strange Scenes

Today I saw two things that made me do a double take.  
1st-As I was leaving my garage to take Conrad to school I looked back to the garage to see a neighbors cat jumping out the top, yes top of the garage!  It was so close to getting his tail caught in the door.  I think it was up on the shelves on the garage ceiling.  It was pretty funny but I was sad to be the only one who saw it and got the shock then laugh after.
2nd-As I was driving I noticed a truck in a field that said mobile slaughtering service.  Two guys were standing near the back of the truck working on something, it didn't register what they were doing until the second time I drove by and noticed they were in a cow pasture.  They had been slaughtering a cow right in it's own pasture.  The other cows didn't seemed bothered by it at all.  They were just grazing nearby. 
I thought about me growing in Woods Cross and I never saw so many animals on a regular basis.  I use to shiver every time we passed by roadkill but now I see it so much I usually just bat my eyes and try not to notice it. 

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas joy

So Devin and I have been trying to be on the ball and get Christmas shopping done with before Thanksgiving.  It's been fun and I hope it will lessen the hectic December month where we already have two birthdays, company and ward parties, and you all know the craziness of the season.  Today I got Devin's present delivered on my front porch!  I was so excited, I got him something perfect.  I opened up the box and it's not what I thought it was going to be.  Now the conundrum, do I keep it and make it work.  Return it and pay to get it shipped back-headache.  Oh I hate when this happens.  That's what you get when you order on-line and don't check every detail.  Some websites have more details then others.  Well did I mention he had a birthday coming up.  Maybe I'll get one of each.  After Christmas I'll disclose the full story since I need to be cryptic as to not give it away.  
This is all apart of Christmas joy!   -Right?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Great Mozart

I have said for over 15 years now that Mozart is my favorite composer.  I had no idea really what Mozart composed.  In high school I played several of Mozarts Sonatas.  They are still my favorite peices to play. I love the delicate runs and the transparancy.  You can't mess up on Mozart and fake it.  At least I can't.  
The last three months I have been singing, and listening to Mozart Requiem.  Saturday Nov. 15th The American Festival Choir finally performed it.  I had no idea how amazing it was until we started rehearsing with the orchestra.  Wow, they added a whole new dimension to the experience.  I don't have words to describe the feelings that were conveyed in that music.  After the performance someone told me I was so intense.  That music has a sort of intensity that involves the whole body and soul.  Simply magnificent.  
I watched the movie Amadeus for the first time Friday Nov. 14th to sort of get myself in the mood for the concert.  This gave me a new perspective of Mozart that I didn't really like.  But I have a part of me that is forgetful (this can be good and bad).  So I'm hoping I forget the bad and just remember the things I love about Mozart-his music.  
In studying and performing the Requiem I was able to experience more of Mozart's music besides the Piano Sonatas I learned in High school.  I concluded that he still is my favorite composer.  

Our own Rock Star

While waiting for the Veterans Day Concert to begin.  I watched the audience gradually fill up until their were no seats left.  In all the years of being involved at USU I have never seen that many people in Kent Concert Hall.  I even heard from several people that their were people who left because they couldn't get a seat.  I know they didn't come to see me or the great American Festival Choir.  They came to see Craig Jessop the choir rock star. 
He brings out the best in people.  Their musical best.  I have learned so much from him in the last few months.  I have enjoyed the musical experience and am looking forward to another semester of great music.  

Conrad and Amelia Bedelia

So as a kid I loved reading Amelia Bedelia.  She was so funny in the way she did everything.  She took everything literally.  Today I thought of this fine reading material after something Conrad did today.  He wanted to help me with my jobs today.  I thought that was super sweet.  He looked at my list of things to do and chose to change all the towels in the bathrooms.  As I was occupied elsewhere in the house he started the job.  As I went to check on how things were going he proudly said he was done.  But all the towels that were used where still hung up but the dirty clothes hamper was completely full of towels.  I then realized that he emptied out all the clean towels from under the sink and put them in the dirty clothes hamper.  After asking him again what the job was he told me that he was suppose to change all the towels.  And that is what he did.  At first I thought he was being silly but he really was just doing what he thought was supposed to do.  I had to laugh and say you are just like Amelia Bedelia.  I thought it was pretty cute.  Yes we did salvage all the clean towels and I helped him put the dirty towels in the laundry.  

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterans Day

I have never done this before but since "everyone" else is doing it I am going to try my hand at it. Well, I also need to do a better job at writing in my journal and this may be a way I can do it?  We'll see how it goes.  
Today I'm waving our flag outside our home and wondered why more homes in our neighborhood don't have a flag that symbolizes our freedom.  I thought, what a great Christmas Present!  Wouldn't everyone want a flag flying to express joy and gratitude for our country.  We are so blessed to live here.  Tonight Devin and I are singing in the American Festival Chorus Veterans Day Concert.  The whole program is patriotic.  The songs we are singing is God of Our Fathers-(This is our national hymn)  National Anthem, America the Beautiful, The Last Full Measure of Devotion, Proud to Serve, God Bless America.  We have a busy night in front of us, arranging with the babysitters and getting beautiful, and carpooling with 3 other choir members so I better end and just say, I love the USA!