Sunday, January 20, 2013

It's a Cold Day!

We have been freezing here but we are blessed to have a warm house to come to.  Some of the problems we have encountered is we are getting milk delivered only once a week so we get 8 half gallons of milk on Mondays. This does not fit in our fridge so we bought a fridge to go out in the garage.  It's been so cold that the fridge outside is still freezing our milk.  I'm wondering if it's because it's so cold or if we don't have enough things in the fridge.  Any suggestions?
We had to get a bowl that plugs in for Badge the cat because her water wouldn't stay thawed and we got her a light to stay under at night.  She loves it!
Our front screen door is constantly ice or frosted up.  Ok I'm getting cold from thinking of it all.  Regardless of that we are all happy and healthy here.  The kids are doing well in school.  I'm feeling really good about my preschool students and Play with me Class and Devin is busy as ever at work and looking forward to a day off tomorrow for the holiday.
My brother is moving back to Utah today!  My mom went for a week to spend with them to get them ready to move back.  I'm excited for them to be closer and pray he will find a good job soon!  I am conducting the stake choir and our first rehearsal is tonight so I have to run but just wanted to give you a quick update on our family.  We love you all!