Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sprinklers are just about there

We have been working really hard the last few weeks on getting our sprinklers in.  We had a great friend who helped us trench it, and my parents came up on a Saturday and then every night we would work on it.  What a hard job.  I really thought I was strong but putting these in makes me realize that I'm not that strong because I couldn't do this everyday for a living.  It really gives you an appreciation for those that do construction or landscape everyday for their livelihood.
Summer so far has been--lets get these done so our grass doesn't dry.  Well they are now in and watering regularly and it is amazing!  Now the job is to get the trenches looking right.  There are some places that are still too high and other too low.  So we got a wheelbarrow yesterday and started moving the dirt around.  So much fun!  The great thing about all this is it really makes the kids have an experience of working together as a family.  For the most part they have been great sports about it.  We don't try to kill us all off and do little bits at a time.  They have been great at getting cold drinks.   Conrad is getting good at making lemonade.  =)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Issachar and his brothers

Devin was fortunate to take the opportunity to be in our Stake Musical.  This was a big time commitment but it was such a positive experience for him and the crew.  The fun thing is after a few rehearsals he came home and said they needed some children in the play so he invited all of our kids to participate in it as well.  They had a blast singing in it and rehearsing with other kids in the play.  I couldn't find any really great pictures of the kids but below is some fun pictures of Devin in the play.  He is quite the actor and this was his very first play to be involved with.  I think he is quite a natural.  The costumes, scenery, acting, lighting was all so professional.  I felt like it could be a show on Broadway!  It truly was a hit!
 The brothers angry at Joseph for being the best loved of his father.
"Go Go Go Joseph"--We found some awesome attire at the DI
Finale with everyone on stage.
Calypso Number-Devin is doing the Limbo
Stage Pictures--Just goofing off.