Sunday, May 23, 2010

Conrad lost his first tooth!

Conrad got his first tooth out.  This is what Conrad said about it.  "When I was brushing my teeth, my mom inspected my teeth.  Then she found a kind of wiggly tooth.  Then she said to go in the bathroom and to not come out until their was a tooth in my hand.  And I did it.  It was hard to wiggle out but I got it out and I was so excited.  All my friends at school already have their teeth out.  The first picture is when I showed her my hole in my teeth and the second is when I'm showing her my tooth which was stuck on my finger with blood.  I tried to get a quarter that night but I didn't get it but then I tried it the other night and then I got a quarter.  The envelope had to be in the middle of my underside pillow"

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grandma's 80th Birthday

We had a fun open house for Grandma T this weekend. Lots of family and friends came to celebrate this special day with grandma. Their was a neat program where special talents were shared for Grandma. Dave presented Grandma with a book he made with her poems in it. She is such a great poet. Here is two of my favorites:
DAD—TO MINE- a teenage view

Tis said that we neglect our Dad.  If this was true “twould indeed be sad.
But Dad has the favorite spot in heart and home and garden spot.

It’s Dad that gets the cozy chair.  At table – best glass and silverware.
The largest piece of pie he claims. A second helping is his aim

We pick the rosebuds just for Dad.  Of course we smile when he is glad.
His bed is best, his bath comes first.  But he thinks he is treated worst.

Oh yes, it’s Dad who pays the bills.  He calls the doctor and buys the pills.
He worries over this and that and still our Dad is getting fat.

The meal is served, when he can eat.  We suit his taste with fish or meat.
So though he claims to be the goat, He mans the ship and guides our boat.

(DEC. 1970)

In one more year I’ll be free.  It seems almost impossible.  Oh, to be able to do what I want – sleep till noon – have the house stay clean for longer that it takes “two” to follow right behind undoing it all.  I might even begin my teaching career again, in another year, or at least start class to recertify again.

It seemed at every turn my thoughts were of the future when the last little one would be in school
How free I’d be.

The “now” seemed to drag along.  I guessed when a body reaches real mid-life, things begin to pull at the life strings.  There seemed to be one hard, impossible things to do after another.  With five children, how could I expect to have a clean house any of the time.  The future would really be an enlightenment.

Suddenly all was not going as I had planned in my mind.  My expectations seemed lost and vague.  I was plagued with flashes seen from two seemingly different worlds:  One of promised freedom – The other, uncertainty and chaos.

I don’t really remember what was said that day in that very special gathering.  I’ll never ever be able to deny the burning feeling that enveloped me as I sat and listened.  I was so completely overcome that my emotions escaped into the strains of the closing hymn, in quiet sobs.

My life made an abrupt turn at that moment.  There was no need to wait for dreamed future freedom, it had arrived into “now” on wings of song.  I was suddenly free to begin really living once more:  to put aside unimportant, petty wishes, and to surely begin my way back to more unselfish service to those around me.

How much happier I feel each day and how much more spiritually sure footed I feel in the small knowledge that once more We have been chosen to ready ourselves to become, co-creators with God.

 Love you Grandma!

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