Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Traeden!

Today is Traeden's 8th Birthday.  We had a fun birthday party with his friends on Thursday Night. He chose to go to Chuckie Cheese.  Devin and I have decided to only have friend party's on the year our kids turn 5, 8, 12, and 16.  We of course will make all the other birthdays special at home with extended family.  We took 8 boys, and two vans to Layton.  They polished off two pizzas, unless soft drinks, and 200 tokens.  We had a great cake I made but didn't even have time to dig in so we are saving it for tonight with cousins and Grandma and Grandpa.  
When Traeden's Uncle Danny called to wish him happy birthday he asked him what time he was born and Traeden didn't know (I didn't either) so I thought I would look it up and write a little bit about his birth so I can share it with him.  
Journal Entry:  April 24, 2001
Mom suggested I write in my journal-Great idea.  Last week today the doctors visit was an unexpected shock.  My weight had gone up ab out 7 lbs in a week, my feet were way swollen and I had high blood pressure.  The doctor was very concerned and told me to lay down on my left side and come in again on Friday.  I said so lay down on Friday all day before I come in?  No- he said, from now until you have the baby I want you to lay down.  I was in shock but didn't understand the big deal until he got really serious and said if your blood pressure stays way up you could ultimately have a seizure and lose your baby.  So I decided to follow!  The first few days I kept myself busy reading.  I finished reading three books!  When Friday came the doctor was in delivering a baby so the nurse still had me come in and get my blood pressure taken.  It was higher then before!  but my feet were down and I lost five pounds.  The nurse said if the doctor comes back we will have you come back in.  Sure enough we went back in and had everything checked out.  My blood pressure was way down, I didn't have protein in my urine, I was dilated to a 1, 70% effaced, and baby's position was -2.  Doctor said he still wanted me to stay in bed until I had the baby.  I asked him if I could go to church and he said no.  

My labor Started at 4:00 am when I woke up wet.  I wasn't contracting on my own so once I got to the hospital the doctor started me on pitocin to move things along. 
Date:  April 26, 2001  Time:  8:10 pm  Weight 9 lbs 4 oz  Length:  21 in.   Traeden is a danish last name.  He is named after my Bishop growing up, Uffe Traeden who is just the nicest man. Traeden means thankful.  Devin and I picked out that name before I was even pregnant.  
We blessed Traeden on May 6th when he was only a week and a half old.  We wanted to bless him in before we moved.  
Traeden is a sweet boy.  Around the dinner table we all said things we love about Traeden and here is what was shared-
Traeden shares his toys with me-Conrad
Traeden plays with me-Samantha
He loves to share with others, even his candy-Mom
He is an excellent piano player and works hard at practicing-Grandpa O
He shares conversation with me-Grandma O
He is kind hearted-Devin

For his birthday dinner Traeden chose quesadillas and yogurt parfaits.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Square Foot Gardening

Devin and I have been busy getting ready to garden.  I am so excited because we now have a garden full of beautiful beds Devin designed and made!  We are filling them with a great garden soil mix that is so wonderful to work with.  We bought the "All New Square Foot Gardening" book and just love it.  Devin is actually excited to help me garden.  The idea of square foot gardening is so neat because you can grow more in less space and less work.  I love how much little I weed and it's because I don't water the whole garden.  You only water what you plant.  So far we have planted onions, raspberry starts, concord grapes, and an apricot tree.  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous the last few days so I've been taking advantage of it and spending some time outside gardening.  The best was that last night we ate our first pick of asparagus.   Yum!  I love asparagus.  We like to saute it in olive oil with garlic.  I have some pictures to show you the bed that Devin build for me.  The metal is trellis' for pole beans, and our squash.  The beds are made from cherry rounds.  The joints are lap joints to make them stronger with a 3 foot rebar driven down into the ground to keep them in place.  I love the wood chips around all the beds so I don't get muddy when I garden.  Our soil is so clay and it really sticks to you when wet. I really have no experience in herbs.  Anyone have any suggestions of easy herbs to grow to start out with?  

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Pictures

This year we spent Easter with the Overly's. Some of the highlights
-Easter Egg Hunt (supposedly the largest egg hunt in Utah)
-Seeing and playing with cousin from NYC
-Playing Sardines with Grandma O's (she was the best hider)
-Flying kites
-Visiting with Great Grandma Hyatt and Great Grandma and Grandpa Overly
-Dinner with just the adults
-Working in the yard
-Seeing Grandpa O looking and feeling good for just having his surgery
-Hearing Grandma O. bare her heartfelt testimony in church
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Friday, April 17, 2009

New Neighbors Wanted

Since my next door neighbors have their house up for sell I'm seriously thinking of putting a wanted ad in the newspaper.  Tell me if you think I might get any responses.

New Neighbors are needed-must fulfill these requirements:
1.  Love playing games with us while our kids make a big mess with popcorn on their carpet.  
2.  Remember our birthday's and everyone else in the neighborhood
3.  Excellent cook -especially in large quantities for dinner group
4.  Shovels their sidewalk and willing to help shovel others as well
5.  Extra strong and handy to help us do things around the house and yard
6.  Excellent babysitter whom I can trust my kids with for babysitting swaps
7.  Likes to run and willing to head up the neighborhood relay race team
8.  Puts up with barking dogs
9.  Non-judgemental and loves us for who we are
10.  Will be willing to serve in any capacity that they are asked from turning oven off in an empty house, lifting my baby out of the crib when I physically can't, helping me weed my garden to giving priesthood blessings
11.  Great gardeners who will share fresh veggies in the summer
12.  Amazing seamstress who will make hooded towels for my kids and even hem skirts 
13.  Hard workers but also can have a lot of fun
14.  Loves Life and shares their optimism with everyone
15.  Will dress up and attend the annual Halloween party
16.  Remembers all our kids for Valentine treats

We love our neighbors as you can tell!  We will definitely stay in touch.  
They will bless their next neighbors, maybe you should solicit for them to move next to you!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Locks of Love

After (11 inches of hair)
New "Do"

I have been thinking about doing this for a long time.  Devin has been preparing himself for about a year and I know he doesn't just love it but he's getting use to my short haircut.  I like how easy it is to do.  I don't like having hair on my shoulders when it's cold.  This is suppose to be a cut for warm weather so I say, Bring it on!  The funnest thing is to see people's reactions.  I didn't prep many people so most of my friends are completely shocked and have to do a double take.  Today when I delivered dinner to a neighbor, their 6 year old just stared at me for a bit and then said finally, "Is that a haircut?"  
Who knows, I may decide to grow it again to do another donation, it is a good cause.  But for now I'm going to relish the easiness of washing, drying and styling and also not having Abigail pull and suck on my long hair.  

Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Commitments

We had a great time being spiritually fed during the Conference Weekend.  Sometimes I wonder how much your kids get out of conference and I know they absorbed a bit.  Traeden said something during Elder Hales talk that told me he was listening.  Elder Hales was talking about being careful about what we purchase and not getting things we don't need.  Traeden said to me, "Mom you do that."  I replied, "What do you mean."  And he said, "You like to think about buying something before you buy it and then after you think about it you don't really want it that bad anymore."  I was amazed that he understood what the talk was about and that he observed me doing that.  Our kids do really pick up on our habits for good or ill.  
Devin and I both felt the spirit prick our hearts when Elder Bednar said that there is really a difference between "A tithe paying, church going member who attends the temple in a rushed manner, and the member who spends quiet unrushed time regularly in the temple."  I think of the many times when I have barely got in before the session started and dash out to get home to the babysitter. I can definitely improve in this area.  There will always be excuses of not getting to the temple more regularly.  Life is always busy no matter what stage your in.  When we were first married it was, We are going to school, when we had kids, we have to get a babysitter, or I'm nursing and have to get back quick, When our kids are older I'm sure it's our kids have a soccer game, or got play practice, then when we have grand kids....the cycle is the same.  So I am committing today to not make excuses and find time to regularly attend the temple and to take off my watch and not rush or worry about the time.  Enjoy the beauty and peace the temple can bring to my spirit.   
Our family had a great time together this weekend.  The kids did pretty good listening to conference, and we had a few moments where it was quiet.  On Saturday Dad and Devin did some remodeling in the bathroom and bedroom.  The kids enjoyed some cookie making, Easter egg decorating, walk to the park, playing with cousins, and yummy meals in between sessions.  Its been a while for pictures so here is a few.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Children are worth it!

So I have been toying with the idea of starting a parenting blog and today I did.  I will still be posting here our overly adventures but I will also do a weekly blog about different parenting issues. I am going to discuss different chapters of books I am currently reading as well as research I have done on a particular trying problem that is occurring in my house.  I am hoping to spur some discussions.  Please share this blog with friends or family you think might enjoy or benefit from discussions about our greatest asset, our children,-- because they are worth it.  

Thursday, April 2, 2009

General Conference Weekend

I love General Conference for many reasons.  I began looking forward to conference when I was a child because of the traditions my parents set up for our family.  I remember working Saturday around the house and yard with every radio, and TV blasting conference.  If you visit my parents on Saturday you will still find the same.  Sunday we would scrapbook during conference.  We would try to get done with 6 months of scrapbooking in 4 hours.  This is why my scrapbooks are very simple and basic.  No cutesy die cuts, layering, or fancy lettering in my scrapbook but they do the job.  After conference we usually visited grandma Ballard and had lunch or dinner with her.  Then the extended Titensor's family always got together and shared one thing we learned or liked at conference.  This was a treasured time for all of us as we shared testimonies with each other.  I love that the Titensors feel comfortable in doing this together.  My Grandparents and my own parents have really gone the extra mile in starting this tradition and I am so grateful.  
One conference I remember was going to Aunt Sue's house because my parents were out of town.  We were down stairs and she had so many activities that were quiet things so she could still listen to conference.  I remember doing play dough, puzzles, coloring, and lacing.  In between the meetings we went to the Great Salt Lake and had a picnic.  This allowed all of us to get our wiggles and get some fresh air.  
Now that all my brothers have their own families we still have traditions and we try to keep.  My dad goes to Priesthood every year with whoever is around.  Usually they have brats and hot dogs before the meeting.  This year even the girls are going to eat with them and then we are going to make cookie mixes with the kids while they are gone.  
Sunday my mom is organizing a Conference quiz.  We all will think of a question we can ask the family.  It can be something really easy like what color tie did President Monson have on?  We got this idea from the Ensign.  I think this will be a fun thing to try.  I'm sure we will still each share a thought as well.  
On there is a great conference packet that you can print out for your kids.  There is games that will help them focus on the talks and keep them entertained.  I really liked playing Conference bingo with my kids.  The friend always has some fun activities as well.  I found a fun one that was in the Friend in 2007.  A little planning I found helps me get more out of general conference.  I also try to plan the kids naps so they will sleep during the second session of Saturday and Sunday.  
Have a great weekend!  Feast upon the word.