Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Commitments

We had a great time being spiritually fed during the Conference Weekend.  Sometimes I wonder how much your kids get out of conference and I know they absorbed a bit.  Traeden said something during Elder Hales talk that told me he was listening.  Elder Hales was talking about being careful about what we purchase and not getting things we don't need.  Traeden said to me, "Mom you do that."  I replied, "What do you mean."  And he said, "You like to think about buying something before you buy it and then after you think about it you don't really want it that bad anymore."  I was amazed that he understood what the talk was about and that he observed me doing that.  Our kids do really pick up on our habits for good or ill.  
Devin and I both felt the spirit prick our hearts when Elder Bednar said that there is really a difference between "A tithe paying, church going member who attends the temple in a rushed manner, and the member who spends quiet unrushed time regularly in the temple."  I think of the many times when I have barely got in before the session started and dash out to get home to the babysitter. I can definitely improve in this area.  There will always be excuses of not getting to the temple more regularly.  Life is always busy no matter what stage your in.  When we were first married it was, We are going to school, when we had kids, we have to get a babysitter, or I'm nursing and have to get back quick, When our kids are older I'm sure it's our kids have a soccer game, or got play practice, then when we have grand kids....the cycle is the same.  So I am committing today to not make excuses and find time to regularly attend the temple and to take off my watch and not rush or worry about the time.  Enjoy the beauty and peace the temple can bring to my spirit.   
Our family had a great time together this weekend.  The kids did pretty good listening to conference, and we had a few moments where it was quiet.  On Saturday Dad and Devin did some remodeling in the bathroom and bedroom.  The kids enjoyed some cookie making, Easter egg decorating, walk to the park, playing with cousins, and yummy meals in between sessions.  Its been a while for pictures so here is a few.


Sandra said...

I loved conference also. I went to my Grandma's on Saturday and so I listened to it on the Radio as I drove. I could listen so much better than at home (with the kids) he he. Looks like your kids had fun dying eggs. Hey Trudy and I had talked about doing a playgroup this week since it's Spring Break. Does Thursday or Friday work for you?

cbracken said...

Amen! I love your goal! I want to do that too!! Thanks for the fun pics! You are wonderful!