Friday, April 17, 2009

New Neighbors Wanted

Since my next door neighbors have their house up for sell I'm seriously thinking of putting a wanted ad in the newspaper.  Tell me if you think I might get any responses.

New Neighbors are needed-must fulfill these requirements:
1.  Love playing games with us while our kids make a big mess with popcorn on their carpet.  
2.  Remember our birthday's and everyone else in the neighborhood
3.  Excellent cook -especially in large quantities for dinner group
4.  Shovels their sidewalk and willing to help shovel others as well
5.  Extra strong and handy to help us do things around the house and yard
6.  Excellent babysitter whom I can trust my kids with for babysitting swaps
7.  Likes to run and willing to head up the neighborhood relay race team
8.  Puts up with barking dogs
9.  Non-judgemental and loves us for who we are
10.  Will be willing to serve in any capacity that they are asked from turning oven off in an empty house, lifting my baby out of the crib when I physically can't, helping me weed my garden to giving priesthood blessings
11.  Great gardeners who will share fresh veggies in the summer
12.  Amazing seamstress who will make hooded towels for my kids and even hem skirts 
13.  Hard workers but also can have a lot of fun
14.  Loves Life and shares their optimism with everyone
15.  Will dress up and attend the annual Halloween party
16.  Remembers all our kids for Valentine treats

We love our neighbors as you can tell!  We will definitely stay in touch.  
They will bless their next neighbors, maybe you should solicit for them to move next to you!


cbracken said...

WOW! You can't let them leave!! Tell them they are SUPER-Neighbors!

David said...

Heather - we too have lost really good friends/neighbors. I hope you have great neighbors move in their place.

Sandra said...

Wow... good luck getting someone to fill their shoes. They sound like great neighbors.