Thursday, April 2, 2009

General Conference Weekend

I love General Conference for many reasons.  I began looking forward to conference when I was a child because of the traditions my parents set up for our family.  I remember working Saturday around the house and yard with every radio, and TV blasting conference.  If you visit my parents on Saturday you will still find the same.  Sunday we would scrapbook during conference.  We would try to get done with 6 months of scrapbooking in 4 hours.  This is why my scrapbooks are very simple and basic.  No cutesy die cuts, layering, or fancy lettering in my scrapbook but they do the job.  After conference we usually visited grandma Ballard and had lunch or dinner with her.  Then the extended Titensor's family always got together and shared one thing we learned or liked at conference.  This was a treasured time for all of us as we shared testimonies with each other.  I love that the Titensors feel comfortable in doing this together.  My Grandparents and my own parents have really gone the extra mile in starting this tradition and I am so grateful.  
One conference I remember was going to Aunt Sue's house because my parents were out of town.  We were down stairs and she had so many activities that were quiet things so she could still listen to conference.  I remember doing play dough, puzzles, coloring, and lacing.  In between the meetings we went to the Great Salt Lake and had a picnic.  This allowed all of us to get our wiggles and get some fresh air.  
Now that all my brothers have their own families we still have traditions and we try to keep.  My dad goes to Priesthood every year with whoever is around.  Usually they have brats and hot dogs before the meeting.  This year even the girls are going to eat with them and then we are going to make cookie mixes with the kids while they are gone.  
Sunday my mom is organizing a Conference quiz.  We all will think of a question we can ask the family.  It can be something really easy like what color tie did President Monson have on?  We got this idea from the Ensign.  I think this will be a fun thing to try.  I'm sure we will still each share a thought as well.  
On there is a great conference packet that you can print out for your kids.  There is games that will help them focus on the talks and keep them entertained.  I really liked playing Conference bingo with my kids.  The friend always has some fun activities as well.  I found a fun one that was in the Friend in 2007.  A little planning I found helps me get more out of general conference.  I also try to plan the kids naps so they will sleep during the second session of Saturday and Sunday.  
Have a great weekend!  Feast upon the word.

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Sandra said...

Conference weekend is so AWESOME!!! I do love to listen to the great talks but I think another main reason I like it because my HUSBAND IS HOME THE WHOLE DAY. No meetings :) I love the conference packets! Have a great weekend.