Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Years from Peanut

Peanut is such a cutie and we sure love her.  She dresses up in different outfits at least four times a day.  She likes to dress as a Ballerina.  She loves to play with her sister and they play with dollies.  She is always singing.  Since we have been doing preschool she sings even more.  Here is a sample of her singing for you.  She is two and I can't believe how fast she is growing up.  She can go potty and is getting better everyday.  We had a little slip back in her toilet training but she is getting back to where she was.  She is always busy and getting into something.  Hopefully this will put a smile to your face as she sings to you!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Wishes from Popcorn

Popcorn just recently got a new piano teacher.  He has worked so hard to get this piece and his Minuet 2 ready for the candlelight recital at his teachers house.  He did such a great job.  I can't believe how old he is getting.  He is doing well in fourth grade and has a great teacher.  His favorite thing to do right now is lay on his bed reading The Sister's Grimm Books.  He loves to read.  He recently has learned to whistle and if he isn't singing he is whistling.  He played competitive soccer this Fall and will continue again once the snow melts.  We sure love him and are thankful for the help he is to us!  He is getting good at watching his brother and sisters for little time frames.  

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from Pumpkin

Pumpkin has been taking lessons since September and she practices without complaint.  She has learned so much in the last few months not only with the flute but with her ABC's and Numbers.  In preschool she started out knowing four letters and now she knows 21.  I thought that was pretty awesome progress!  She is a little sweetheart and plays so well with both her brothers and little sister.  She is a great help to me and often will come in while I'm cooking and say ,"Can I help Mom?"  She likes to stay busy and often will ask me, "What can I do now."  We love her and are so grateful she is in our family!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas from Pickle

I had the hardest time figuring out how to upload this video of pickle doing his two pieces from his Christmas Concert.  So I decided to try posting it on you tube and see how that goes.  (I will be posting one from each of the kids doing something soon) 
Pickle is playing "Hunter's Chorus" first and "Joy to the World."  This was a fun recital given at a rest home. I was asked to accompany all the violin students.  There was one piece that I worked really hard on to get just right.  We had a little Christmas Miracle because the student and I stayed together.  The piece was called Elegy by Lamar Barrus.  It is a viola solo that is just beautiful. Pickle has enjoyed playing in the orchestra at school this year.  His teacher lets him go during school to participate with the 7th and 8th grade orchestra which he thinks is really cool.  His brother told me one day that Pickle is the most popular kid in school because everyone knows him and thinks he is really cool.  I thought that was pretty funny.  Pickle is loving to read.  He has read all the Magic Tree house books and many Junie B Jones series.  Now he is liking the Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  He is excelling at school and works hard to get 100% on each weeks spelling test and has all semester so far.  We sure love him and think is so much fun!  

Friday, November 19, 2010

Life Moves On

After coming home from Disneyland we played catch-up and now I think we are done with catch-up.  Life just moves on and forward without you wanting it too sometimes.  Samantha played in her first official flute recital last night.  She was so cute.  There were four or five other brand new flute students that played as well.  I am just amazed that they can play so well for so young.  I was able to accompany the recital and that was a fun experience for me.  There was some pieces I had to practice quite a bit to get them ready so it was a good challenge.  Devin has been super busy at work this week.  He got to go to California the day after we got home from California.  So it was hard to have him gone for a week.  This year for Thanksgiving we are staying in Cache Valley.  My parents will be in Indiana for Thanksgiving so we will spend thanksgiving at Deonne's.  Bonnie and David's family will come up too.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween at Disneyland

There are two holidays that Disneyland decorates for, Christmas and Halloween.  We were so glad to have picked this awesome time to visit Disneyland.  It was so much fun.  The kids had a blast and I hope they remember it for a long long time.  We took 247 pictures over the last week so it was a little overwhelming to sort through and choose my favorites to share.
Mickey Mouse all pumpkined out.  They had amazing decorations throughout Disneyland.
This guy was scary!
Conrad and Traeden both battled him and did awesome!  Isn't this a little kids dream to be a Jedi?  
I love both Conrad's and Traeden's faces here.  They are so into this!  From the audience they only choose about 20 kids so the boys were elated that they were both chosen.
Abi loved the Horses on the Carosel Ride.  
The kids dressed up for Mickey's Halloween Party.  Grandma got them glow sticks which were a great idea. It helped us find each other in the dark.  They had trick or treating, a parade, and fireworks plus the rides were all open.  Lots of fun but really crowded.
This is in California Adventures which we got to go back and forth from Disneyland because of the hopper passes.  This ride was fun and got you really wet.  My dad loves canoeing so I think this is a cool pictures of him!
Abi was so excited to see Mickey Mouse.  We had just went to see Woody and she would not each get close to him or the solider so I was really surprised when she kissed Mickey's nose.  Unfortunately I didn't catch it on film.
Meeting the Princesses was a highlight for the girls.  We did this first thing Thursday morning and it was a good thing because the line gets long.   You get to meet three princesses and they take time to talk with them and pose for pictures.  Abi especially had lots to say to Snow White.  Snow White had even the little giggle down.
Toon Town at Minnie's House

Conrad got a part in the High School Musical Show
Halloween night at home before trick or treating.  Everyone changed costumes except old Captain Jack.
We had a great time and were really happy my parents came with us.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Abi is talking

Abi is saying lots of words and Grandma and Grandpa in Russia haven't heard her talking yet so I thought I would video her saying a few things.  Can you tell she threw up on me at church today.  We were in the Logan Tabernacle for stake conference and I caught most of it in my hands and some got on the bench and my skirt. Luckily we knew the family in front of us and she helped me open the ziplock bag we keep our crayons in and I carefully deposited the stomach material in the bag.  I took the bag and the coloring book to the bathroom and threw it all away.  (sorry if that grossed you out!) I washed my hands and came back to clean off the seat with diaper wipes.  What a mess!   Devin had Abi outside where she threw up again.  I decided since I had throw up on me and her we would go home.  Devin had nothing on him so he stayed with Samantha.   After she got that out of her system she has been great.  So I hope her stomach was just upset and we don't have the flu.

Pictures from Celebration Concert

 Traeden out in the lobby before his dress rehearsal.  Grandma Ballard watched the other kids for me so it was nice to have some one-on-one with Traeden.  He is really ready for this concert.
 This is the dress rehearsal but I decided I better get pictures because I could get a lot closer.  
The Bow.  
Goofy boys.  This was concert night.  I had my hands full since we got their an hour before the concert.  We took a walk to get the three younger kids' wiggles out.  The missionaries at the conference center are not used to having small children at that venue and I thought a few of them were going to have a heart attack when a two year old was running in the lobby!  I could see them on their walkie talkies "Young child in dress running without an escort"  After a few looks from the security we went outside to walk.  My poor feet wished I wore my flats and not high heels.
Daddy made it from Logan 15 minutes before the concert.  The girls were so excited they had to give him kisses.   Samantha below looks like she is eating his nose.  =)  

THANK YOU!!!  I just want to thank Mom and Dad Titensor for watching Traeden for four nights!  That was such a huge help.  Deonne took Traeden down on a Saturday Practice.  My mom went to several of his rehearsals and then drove him home one time.  I had a fellow piano mom take Traeden to the Wed. Night rehearsal, thank you Emily!  Traeden's teacher, Ginger was so helpful at rehearsals with my kids.  Grandpa came to be with Traeden, thanks so much for rearranging your work to be their with him.  Thanks for Grandma and Grandpa Ballard for watching the kids Thursday Night.  And thanks to David for bringing them home today!  This concert was a huge time commitment and we couldn't have done it without help from so many!
Traeden worked so hard to be ready for this.  He did really well and he told me he didn't make one mistake!  Way to go!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Homeward Bound

In the quiet misty morning
When the moon has gone to bed,
When the sparrows stop their singing
And the sky is clear and red,
When the summer's ceased its gleaming
When the corn is past its prime,
When adventure's lost its meaning -
I'll be homeward bound in time
Bind me not to the pasture
Chain me not to the plow
Set me free to find my calling
And I'll return to you somehow
If you find it's me you're missing
If you're hoping I'll return,
To your thoughts I'll soon be listening,
And in the road I'll stop and turn
Then the wind will set me racing
As my journey nears its end
And the path I'll be retracing
When I'm homeward bound again
Bind me not to the pasture
Chain me not to the plow
Set me free to find my calling
And I'll return to you somehow
In the quiet misty morning
When the moon has gone to bed,
When the sparrows stop their singing
I'll be homeward bound again.

I wanted to share with you my favorite song we sang last night.  (It was also sung this morning on the spoken word) It's one of those songs that speaks so directly to my heart.  I feel so connected to the song on many levels.  First I think of the first time I heard the song.  I was working at USU in the music therapy program in 2005.  During this year there was a tragic accident that involved several agriculture students.  The teacher who was driving died and I believe 8 students also died.  It was a terrible time for USU.  The Mormon Tabernacle Choir was asked to sing at a memorial services in honor of those involved in the accident.  The choir sang this song and it touched me very deeply.  
When I was learning this song this year I had many other emotions surface.  I thought of my own children who I will need to set free as they grow up.  I also think of family members or friends who have chose to leave the church sometime in their life.  They call out, "Set me free to find my calling and I'll return to you somehow."  Just a beautiful song with symbolism that really sings to me.  

Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm finally sitting down!

This has been such a crazy busy few weeks.  It's after midnight and I'm de-stressing right now even though my house is a mess!  Why is my life so crazy
Traeden has a 10 piano concert next weekend.  He has been having one or two rehearsals for that in Salt Lake every week for the last few weeks.  He goes tomorrow, Monday, Wed. Thursday (dress rehearsal) and then the concert is Friday.  This only happens every three years so I figured we have to do it.  It will be a great experience for him but he is tired of practicing and working "SO HARD" on these songs.  He is playing Ecossaise and Minuet in G minor.
I have a concert tomorrow night, we had rehearsal Wed night for three hours, Tonight for three hours, and Saturday we have a dress rehearsal in the afternoon and then the concert at night.  We are singing Mack Wilberg's pieces.  I had no idea he has composed as much as he has.  They are all so great too.  Lot of variety and some are just so much fun to sing.  We even get to do a couple Christmas songs.  Mack Wilberg will even conduct three of the pieces.  He rehearsed with us tonight, I really like his conducting style.  He was just a very nice and humble man.  Craig Jessops says he has had the privilege of knowing and working with two geniuses in his life, Robert Shaw and Mack Wilberg.  That is quite the complement.
Preschool has kept me really busy.  This is my typical M-Thursday I get the boys off to school then I madly clean up the house to get ready for preschool, then I do preschool, then I clean up after preschool, feed the kids lunch read stories have nap time, then I chart and do data for preschool and plan for the next day.  I have been blogging for the parents.  That has been a great way to communicate with them.  I really like doing it though.  It keeps me busy but I see so much improvement with my own girls who get preschool four days a week.  Samantha has really caught on to letters and can read some simple words.  Today we went to Macey's and she was trying to sound out the big Macey's sign.  Abigail has so much fun with the kids.  She tags along and knows all of their names.  The cutest thing happened on Thursday.  It was show and tell day and she chose a stuffed pink bear all on her own to show the kids.  When I called her up for her turn she came right up and held her bear up.  I asked her a couple questions and then I touched it and said this is so soft, can you let all the other kids touch your bear.  She went to all the other 7 kids and let them feel her bear and she was just so grown up about it.  It was way cute.  The other fun thing is my girls are singing all the time now.  It's been great.
Traeden has been in soccer this fall and his coach thought it would be good for me to help out at practices.  So we do that two times a week when I can make it.  The other kids have been really great to play in the park while the kids practice.  Traeden has improved so much this season I'm really happy he is catching the vision of hard work at practice = better at your games.
Conrad started playing with the Middle School Orchestra.  He leaves his 2nd grade class and goes to orchestra and then comes back to his class.  He is loving the music and it's challenging for him which is what he needed.  His 2nd grade teacher has been so great to work with and she helps catch him up when he gets back.
Traeden has learned how to whistle and he is doing it constantly.  I have had to tell him a few times to stop whistling, like at church, during my piano lessons, and at the dinner table.  But he is getting really good at whistling in tune.  I can't whistle at all so I think it's pretty neat!
Devin is keeping busy with scouts lately.  It seems like the last two months he is gone with scouts at least two nights a week.  Between extra meetings, campouts, service projects he is busy a lot with that.  He just got a fun game to play with the kids on the Wii it's called NBA Jam.  We haven't been able to play it all that much just because of our schedule but when it slows down, that will be a fun one to play.  It's just like the old one he had growing up so he is way stoked about it.
Well I'm sorry about the long post, it's been so long since I've written their is a lot to catch up on.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Conrad playing a String Trio

This is really small but hopefully you can hear the music.  Conrad played in Sacrament with his teacher and her daughter.  "I am a Child of God"

Monday, August 30, 2010

My Big Girl

This is my big girl practicing her balance points with her flute.  Round pinkie, bent thumb, comfy chair, lips.  She is actually balancing all of this with a D size battery to help her strength.  She has been a joy to work with daily at practicing  She is enthusiastic about practicing and she is the one reminding me that we need to practice.  It's been a great experience so far.  

Today was her first day at Preschool.  She and five others had their first day today.  It turned out really well I think.  I was pretty exhausted afterward but Samantha said, "That was so fun!"  So I'm glad we are doing this and it's been great to brush up on my guitar playing, planning, and charting.   Three boys and Three girls in the Mon-Wed. class makes a really balanced class.  Tomorrow we have five girls and one boy.  This will be interesting.    

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Megan's Wedding

We had a great time at Megan and Calin's wedding.  The kids and I went down to Farmington.  We showed the Ford Focus to two different people and both decided against buying it in the end so I was a bit disappointed.  The first one thought it was an automatic and it is a stick shift and she can't drive a stick.  That was a deal breaker.  The next one already put an offer on a newer car, less mileage and a better deal.  The owner was looking for a quick sell since she was needing money for college.  Even though we didn't sell it yet I know we will I hopefully sell soon.  

The Knights (I think Angie and I look a lot alike, if I had darker hair)

Megan (my Titensor cousin) and Calin.  Dave (My dad's baby brother) and Lisa (look way to young to have a married child!)

Samantha went right up to Grandma and Grandpa Titensor to eat her treats

Danny and his princess Emily (They danced so cute)
Samantha and Emily were in the running to catch the bouquet-a bit young but they had fun =)

Yes Conrad catched the garter!  There were only like four boys out there.

Playing a fun game on Saturday.  

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day of School

Today was our First Day of School.  The kids did really well this morning getting up to practice their instruments and getting all their jobs done before they left.  Devin was able to give them Father's Blessing before they went to school.  I remember looking forward to this as a kid and I'm sure our children will treasure these blessings as well.The sacks they have are their school supplies that will stay at school.  Cheese!
Abi was feeling left out so she ran out their to pose.
Then Samantha had to join.  Exciting day.  The boys came home so happy with how their day went.  They both love their teachers.  I actually haven't met them yet because I was in Salt Lake during back to school night last night so Devin took them.
I loved having quiet time today and it actually was quiet.  I got some preschool planning done, cleaning, and paid bills.  Tomorrow I get to run errands during the day without 4 kids.  What will I ever do with myself!  =)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Money Makeover

We have been reading Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover and have loved the money principles he teaches in this book.  I really wish we had read and applied it 10 years ago but we are starting our Money Makeover now and getting excited about working towards Financial Peace.  This is not a get rich quick book, it is a very practical money management program that helps you use your income-large or small to get out of debt, have an emergency fund, save for retirement, and be able to give back to your church, and community.  I highly recommend getting a hold of this book and reading it cover to cover.  

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Photo Time

The Swim Gang.  We carpooled with some friends and all the kids did really well at swim lessons.  Even Abi and I did a class together.  She is a fearless swimmer so this really helped her be more careful.

Traeden holding his Trophy that we so happily got at the Cache Cup!  2nd Place!

Abigail looking so big!  She is getting potty trained.  She has been doing so well but it's still not easy.  I've been cleaning lots of carpet, and do laundry much more!  But I'm happy that we are on our way to no more diapers!
We had Brock and Brynn to stay for a week.  The kids had so much fun with them here.  They got to go with us to all Traeden's Soccer games.
Pure summer entertainment.  The kids got a kick out of watching them redo our street out front.  Then after it was all done the smooth road was a blast to ride bikes on!  Unfortunately Samantha tried stepping on the wet asphalt and got her foot covered in tar.  Not fun at all.

Camping with the Titensor.  This was a great campground called North Fork Park.  The kids rode their bikes round and round, we had some great fires and even did freebie goal at Snow Basin.  It was a fun trip except the flat tire on the way home.  

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Extraordinary service

This week we had two experiences where people went out of there way to come to our rescue and serve us.   Sunday on our way home from camping we decided to go the scenic route and go over the canyon via Avon Pass.  We were almost to Avon when Devin looked out the window because the car felt different and noticed we had a flat tire and one tire was low.  We stopped and unloaded all our camping gear on the side of the dirt road.  Got the spare tire lowered down and not easily put the tire on the van.  After we had the spare on the tire we noticed the front tire now was completely flat.  Devin then thought we better call someone from the ward to see if we could get a pump so we could at least get the van home.  No cell phone reception!  Then he said well lets walk down the road a bit until I get reception.  Traeden then said, "Lets just ride our bikes home."  Great idea!  We had Devin ride ahead and he was going to grab the truck and then come back and find us to take us home.  The kids did really well, Conrad and Traeden were on their own bikes and I had the girls in the trailer.  We went about 7 miles and stopped in Paradise to get some water on the church lawn.  The kids were hot and tired.  It was noon and the sun was hot.  As we sat there a neighbor drove by and saw us.  He quickly turned around and asked us what we were doing.  He could tell we were in trouble.  Could it be that I was dirty, and Abigail was still in her pajamas covered in dirt?  He was out to move a sprinkler at his farm so he returned to the farm house, got his car and some cold drinks.  When he got back Devin had another neighbor with him ready to load our bikes and a tow dolly to get our van.  The kids and I got home in time to get showered and dressed just in time to go to church so I could play the organ.  We were so grateful to our good neighbors who stopped and helped us in our time of trial.

Tuesday we saw a dresser that would work perfect in the girls bedroom on We sent an e-mail to see if it was still available and we got a phone call later that said we were first in line if we still wanted it.  $20 for a little white dresser.  We were excited.  They lived in Layton and the lady gave me some rough directions to her house.  I switched cars with Devin so I would have the truck to get the dresser home and the boys went to Deonne's to play.  I thought I could drive with the girls to Layton and then pick up the boys from Wellsville on the way home.   I met a lady at the Target in Riverdale and she bought Conrad's 1/10 size violin for $100.  Then we started to Layton and followed the directions to Layton.  We made a couple bad turns and got back on track.  We got really close to the address and we were making circles.  We did find the house number but the wrong street.  I stopped and asked for some directions to one family and they didn't really know but sent me in another direction.  The girls were hot with no air conditioning in the truck and all our water we brought to drink was gone.  After a half an hour or so of searching I was ready to give up thinking I must have wrote the address down wrong.  Then I saw a man in his yard and stopped to talk with him.  He saw the girls who looked really hot and offered them a cold drink from his fridge.  He told me to put up ahead to some shade while I called on his phone and he left to get the girls some "Powerade".  The phone number was written down incorrectly so all I had to work from was the address.  The man asked to look at the address and then he said he was pretty sure he could get us there, so he hopped in his truck and we followed him right to the house.  Then he saw we were picking up this dresser and offered to help put it in the truck for us.   He then used some of our tie downs and got the dresser securely in the truck and sent us on our way.  All I know about him was he was a retired firefighter, his name is Dan and he has his own business of doing handy work odd jobs.  A perfect stranger to us went completely out of his way to help us.  I so appreciate his Christlike acts.  Would I do the same?  I sure hope so.
We never know when we will need help.  It's humbling to accept help but when we do it renews our faith in human kind.  Their are wonderful people, sometimes strangers who care to serve. Today Devin will speak in church about how we are the Lords Hands, based on Elder Uchtdorf talk in conference.  Kind of ironic that we had these experiences the week he gives this talk...humm...I don't think so.   Mosiah 2:17 And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn awisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the bservice of your cfellow beings ye are only in the service of your God

Monday, July 26, 2010

Movie Ideas

So for all of you looking for a great movie to request for Netflix I've got something for you to try.
Larkrise to Candleford.  This is a BBC series that is so well done.  I have fallen in love with the whole town.  It's just a beautiful series.  It teaches great values and deals with everyday troubles.  I love it so much that I watch it in 10 minute segments off of you tube.  It's a bit of a pain to click on the next segment every 10 minutes but oh so worth it.  If you love Anne of Green Gables or Emma you will love this show.  Let me know if you try it out and what you think.  To get an idea of the show here is the first episode on You Tube.  You really need to watch  the first few segments to get into it, well I loved it from the very beginning.  =)
The other movie that I just remember that I thought was so hilarious was "Uncorked"  with Minnie Driver.  It is so fun and cute.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Random Thoughts and Sayings-by the Overly Kids

 I use to do better at writing down cute funny things the kids would say.  I came across these pieces of paper in my folder and thought Ibetter write these down or I'll lose them.  There a bit dated but still quite fun.
Samantha- When I ask Samantha something she doesn't know she says "Can't know?"  Feb 2009
Conrad-Talking about his friend-"Scott is rich-he is like a Dad because he is so rich."
Traeden- "Maybe Santa will bring us a Wii and a game because we don't want a bunch of Wii's sitting around for decorations."
Conrad- after Samantha threw up-hoping to get the same treatment of watching TV and drinking juice "I'm kind of sick----of coughing"
Samantha-- and Ember were playing and Samantha starting crying.  We asked her what was a matter and Samantha told us Ember bit her finger then she told Ember not to eat her fingers anymore.
Samantha--  Everyone was in the van and she would ask "Daddy are you hungry?"  It was her high inflection at the end of hungry that made it so cute and funny.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

This is not Hilda!

Last week we had a very interesting experience.  I had a baby swing that we didn't need anymore so I put a free ad in the classified of  Two minutes later 6:56 am I got a phone call from someone asking for Hilda.  I said you have the wrong number.  He said that he just saw the free ad from for a car and called the number.  I explained that I didn't have a car but I did put a baby swing up for free.  I thought that was weird and the phone range again, "Is this Hilda?"  I couldn't believe it, Devin quickly figured out that the computer must have done a mess up and got our number on the wrong ad and looked it up.  Sure enough there was a picture of a car with the contact info of Hilda and our home phone number.  Either it was a computer glitch or a prank.
I would hang up the phone and no joke the phone would ring again.  We fielded about 10 phone calls before Devin and I said let the machine get it.  We told all the kids to ignore the phone while we figured out how to get that ad off of KSL.  Devin called KSL, and of course there is no one around at 7:00 am to take phone calls.  But we did report the Ad as an incorrect info and hoped they would take it off soon.  We also e-mailed the seller and told them of the mistake.   After several machine messages I tried to change our answering message to say, "This is the Overly's, Hilda does not live her and we do not have a car, if you want to leave a message for the Overly's do so"  I had a hard time doing it in between the ringing of the phone.  It was crazy!  One of my favorite messages we got said, "Hey Hilda, this is Frank, I've got a tow truck and I can get on over there today and get that car off your hands.  Just give me a call and I'll get it gone."  Luckily we had Play Practice to go to so we didn't have to endure the incessant phone ringing.  By the time we got home at noon, the phone had stopped ringing and the ad was off the web.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nibley Heritage Days

Here is Traeden Getting his first kiss!

Conrad as an Indian in the Children's Play
Traeden as a Cowboy
Conrad with his friend posing

We had a great week full of fun family activities.  
Monday we participated in the Family Bike Parade with balloons and crape paper decorating our bikes.  
Thursday and Friday was the Children's Play. The boys had a great time and did there part just right! Before the Play on Friday we had the Mayor's Dinner catered by Cafe Sabor.  Yum Yum.  
Friday Night most of the family stayed to watch the family movie in the park with Grandma and Grandpa T.
Saturday Morning we all ran either the 5K or 1 mile run.  Grandma and Grandpa helped us out a ton by pushing the stroller and making sure all the boys did the mile.  Traeden did really well.  He ran a mile in 9 min and 10 sec.  Devin and I ran the 5K together and did it under 30 minutes which is always my goal.  I think I'm going to shoot for under 25 min. for the next race.  
After the race we got ready super fast and rode our bikes up to the parade.  The kids love to chase for the candy.  Abi especially loved the horses, and Samantha wanted to follow the tractors home to see where they lived.  That night Danny and Melissa came up and we did a sealing session together with mom and dad and then we went to a Jon Schmidt concert in the park.  What a great concert!  We ate dinner on the blanket and shared lots of snacks throughout the concert.  Deonne and Greg came early and got us awesome seats.  Jon played songs until it got dark.  It was so great.  He played my favorite song twice "Viva La Vida meets Love Story."   We waited a while more in the park and then had a great firework show. For a small town I think the celebration was pretty amazing.  We have a ton of volunteers that help put this all together.  Everyone in the town could find one thing they would enjoy.  

Abby is 2 years old

Abigail turned two.  She picked out her balloons and we had a yummy strawberry/cream cake. It was a great day.  If you can't tell from this picture Abi is afraid of fire.  Last night at the fireworks she cried the entire time.  It wasn't the loud noises it was the explosions of light.  She buried herself in between Devin and I's legs.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gearing up for Nibley Hertiage Days

This last week has been crazy busy with kids activities.  I feel like a taxi driver getting them all where they need to go.  Both the boys are in the Nibley Children's Play this year.  Traeden tried out for a speaking part and he is Cowboy #2 and does a great job with his one line in the play.  They are putting on Sleeping Beauty, Western Style.  The music is really cute and each group does a little choreographed dance while they sing. I have been playing the piano for half of the group everyday which has been about 2 hours of practices each day.  I was lucky to find another piano player to share the responsibility with me.
Traeden just made a competition soccer team and starts practices tomorrow.  He is really excited and happy to play with another friend from our ward.  He also just got a new bike which he loves to ride.  He is busy with scouts and he is taking an art class with his cousin Josh.
Conrad is enjoying summer and plays so hard that he is just bushed by the end of the day.  Friday night I barbecued hamburgers and hot dogs and had fixed Conrad's bun and I went out to get the meat off the grill and came in to find Conrad half way done with his burger (without the meat). When I told him I hadn't given him his burger yet he just started crying and crying.  I told him to go to his room to calm down and found him on his bed asleep.  He was just so tired he couldn't deal with anything.
Samantha and Abigail had birthday's this week.  We had a combined family party on Saturday for them and Dallin.  They had fun with the amazing "Carzz" cake Aunt Melissa made.  Samantha is getting quite good at explaining herself and is very much the little lady.  Abi is just a monkey and climbs everything and does not fear anything.  She is talking lots and saying multiple words.
The weather has been very wet.   I don't remember a June quite this wet in Cache Valley.  We have not had to water our lawn so far.  The garden is growing very well without much attention.  I love to look out and see the rainbows.  Most of the days it's wet for part of the day and sunny for the rest.  I think it's absolutely wonderful.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Conrad's Suzuki Book 1 Recital

This is Conrad playing "Perpetual Motion". We did his recital on the last day of school. His first grade teacher, orchestra teacher, and private teacher came to support him. He also had a few neighbors who came. He did such a great job and we are proud of his dedication and work in memorizing all of these songs. Jennie Evans is his teacher and she presented him with a trophy that he is very excited about. It is the composer Bach. Bach composed several pieces that he played. Way to go Conrad!  Click on the picture and it should take you to a site that will let you hear his piece.  We'll see if that works.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Conrad lost his first tooth!

Conrad got his first tooth out.  This is what Conrad said about it.  "When I was brushing my teeth, my mom inspected my teeth.  Then she found a kind of wiggly tooth.  Then she said to go in the bathroom and to not come out until their was a tooth in my hand.  And I did it.  It was hard to wiggle out but I got it out and I was so excited.  All my friends at school already have their teeth out.  The first picture is when I showed her my hole in my teeth and the second is when I'm showing her my tooth which was stuck on my finger with blood.  I tried to get a quarter that night but I didn't get it but then I tried it the other night and then I got a quarter.  The envelope had to be in the middle of my underside pillow"

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grandma's 80th Birthday

We had a fun open house for Grandma T this weekend. Lots of family and friends came to celebrate this special day with grandma. Their was a neat program where special talents were shared for Grandma. Dave presented Grandma with a book he made with her poems in it. She is such a great poet. Here is two of my favorites:
DAD—TO MINE- a teenage view

Tis said that we neglect our Dad.  If this was true “twould indeed be sad.
But Dad has the favorite spot in heart and home and garden spot.

It’s Dad that gets the cozy chair.  At table – best glass and silverware.
The largest piece of pie he claims. A second helping is his aim

We pick the rosebuds just for Dad.  Of course we smile when he is glad.
His bed is best, his bath comes first.  But he thinks he is treated worst.

Oh yes, it’s Dad who pays the bills.  He calls the doctor and buys the pills.
He worries over this and that and still our Dad is getting fat.

The meal is served, when he can eat.  We suit his taste with fish or meat.
So though he claims to be the goat, He mans the ship and guides our boat.

(DEC. 1970)

In one more year I’ll be free.  It seems almost impossible.  Oh, to be able to do what I want – sleep till noon – have the house stay clean for longer that it takes “two” to follow right behind undoing it all.  I might even begin my teaching career again, in another year, or at least start class to recertify again.

It seemed at every turn my thoughts were of the future when the last little one would be in school
How free I’d be.

The “now” seemed to drag along.  I guessed when a body reaches real mid-life, things begin to pull at the life strings.  There seemed to be one hard, impossible things to do after another.  With five children, how could I expect to have a clean house any of the time.  The future would really be an enlightenment.

Suddenly all was not going as I had planned in my mind.  My expectations seemed lost and vague.  I was plagued with flashes seen from two seemingly different worlds:  One of promised freedom – The other, uncertainty and chaos.

I don’t really remember what was said that day in that very special gathering.  I’ll never ever be able to deny the burning feeling that enveloped me as I sat and listened.  I was so completely overcome that my emotions escaped into the strains of the closing hymn, in quiet sobs.

My life made an abrupt turn at that moment.  There was no need to wait for dreamed future freedom, it had arrived into “now” on wings of song.  I was suddenly free to begin really living once more:  to put aside unimportant, petty wishes, and to surely begin my way back to more unselfish service to those around me.

How much happier I feel each day and how much more spiritually sure footed I feel in the small knowledge that once more We have been chosen to ready ourselves to become, co-creators with God.

 Love you Grandma!

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Our New Ward-Maple Valley

So it's been about a month now that we have been in our new ward.  It's been a big adjustment for all of us.  Just to give you an idea of the changes here is some info we got at the ward splitting meeting.
College Ward and Spring Creek are now three wards.
Before the split College Ward had 667 members and Spring Creek had 481
College Ward had 226 in the Primary and Spring Creek had 117
Now with the split
College Ward has 319 total members, Spring Creek has 431, and Maple Valley has 395
Primary totals for College Ward 89, Spring Creek 109, and Maple Valley 145.

Not only are we in the new ward but we go to a different church building and are meeting time is 2:30.  This is really late for the kids.  We have at least one of the kids who completely fall asleep in Sacrament meeting and then they are not happy to be woke up to go to primary.
Devin is still working with the Deacon's Group and have 2 boys and a couple who are non-members.  This has been a hard adjustment for their group but they are working with it.
I was released from the Primary Presidency and now get to play the organ for Sacrament Meetings.  This is a fun job but very exposing.  I enjoy the challenge and the chance to learn how to play the organ.  Right now I'm working to develop my foot pedal playing and finding great sound combinations with the various stops.  The organ we have is electronic and can save your settings, which is really cool.  Every time I go practice at the church I learn something new.
I substituted in Primary the week before General Conference and it was nice not to be in the front but I do miss seeing the kids every week.  I was use to being the teacher and now I get to be taught in Sunday School and Relief Society so that has been a new experience.  The first week I felt like I was a slacker because I wasn't running all over the church getting materials from the library, checking on primary classes, and helping take kids potty.  I also really miss the relationships that I had while serving in the Presidency.  There is a special bond that you feel as you work together for a common goal, especially when your serving with the Lord.
Change is good and I can see the benefits of this smaller ward.  I am meeting people that have been in the ward for a while but they were hidden because of how large the ward was.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Favorites Party

So I've been excited to try and do some of the things that I learned at the Favorites Party.  Basically I went to this party knowing only thee people and went away feeling like sisters with everyone.  It was so great.  Here are a few I am going to do for sure or already have started!
Cleaning the Kitchen Sink at Angie's-  Our family did this tonight for FHE.  A local restaurant piles a kitchen sink full of ice cream, three toppings, two bananas, and whip cream.  If you eat it all you get a bumper sticker that says, "I cleaned the kitchen sink at Angie's"  I've seen those on cars around here and had no idea what it was talking about.  Our family did it together, and the kids thought it was so great.  The kitchen sink is not really as big as a real kitchen sink but it is a miniature one.  It's a lot of ice cream.

"And They Were Not Ashamed"  A book about marriage that was highly recommended.  So I picked up a copy today and I'm excited to start reading.

Salt Lake City Connect Pass-  This sounds so fun and I think Devin and I will do this for an anniversary someday.  It's a pass you buy on-line and it gets you into 13 venues in SLC plus Dinner or Lunch at the Lion House.  Some of the venues are the Children Museum, This is the Place Monument, a movie at the Gateway, The Planetarium.

FHE Idea:  Learn about the Quorum of the 12 apostles before conference and have a treat for the kids when they can identify each of the apostles' picture by name.

Going to Yellowstone in the fall-Less crowds, great hotel deals and active wildlife.

Homemade Kitchen Floor Solution:  Fill your sink with 2-3 inches of water, then pour in 1 cup of rubbing alcohol, followed by one drop of liquid dish soap.  No residue and it dries fast!

Web Protection for you and your children:  I haven't done this but am planning on checking out both of these sites and seeing what is better for our family:  and  Both are a free online security where you can manage where your children go online and protect from pornography.

Bottling Chicken:  Pressure cooking chicken when it goes on sale.  Great food storage item and makes it so easy to put in your favorite recipe all cooked and ready to go.  This is a site you can rent vacation homes and condos for a great price.

7 days of Valentines for your children and hubby:  Give little tokens of love for the whole week of valentines for your kids and husband to find at random throughout their day


Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Favorite Things in 2009

I got to go to a way fun party at Deonne's house last night with my best friend Claire.  What a great time we had tasting peoples favorite recipes, and sharing our favorite things.  I learned so much from these incredible women whom I hadn't met until last night.  They all were amazing, and had such neat ideas.  I'll share some of there ideas in another post someday.  Here is the things I shared which most of these things I'm sure you have already heard about but it was fun to think about the things that helped me progress and make things enjoyable last year.

My Favorite Things this year:
Babysitting Co-op 
            Got a bunch of girls with children who swap babysitting with each other.  Saves us tons of money and headache on finding a babysitter.  We swap coupons for babysitting.  1 coupon = 1 hour per kid of babysitting.  We also have date night coupons as well.  Get more details about it at:

Bountiful Baskets
            Get fresh produce for your family at a great price.  I love the variety, the price, and the spirit of healthy eating.  There are a few sites in Cache Valley and more to be opened soon.  It is really hard to get a basket because the demand is so high.  But every time I get one I love love it!

Google Calendar
            This great tool online can make individual calendars for all the members of your family.  I have each person a different color so it’s easy to see who has an event that day.  It also has a task list that you can put due dates on.  This has helped me organize my life a little better.

Heather’s Recipes
            This year I put all my recipes on the computer and then printed them in small three ring binders.  Thanks to Deonne the formatting was a breeze.

Breakfast Schedule
            I was so tired of cereal for breakfast because I didn’t plan anything we organized our breakfast so every
Monday-Cold Cereal Tuesday-Hot Cereal    Wed. - Eggs    Thurs. - Hot Cereal     Friday-Yogurt and Muffins            Saturday-Sugar Cereal            Sunday-Pancakes, Waffles etc.

Kids and Mom’s Job Chart
            Made a simple excel sheet, laminated it, and the kids mark daily their jobs with a dry erase marker.  Mom’s helper boy is on their everyday so I can pick something that I need help with that day.  Sometimes it’s things they do on their own and other times they work along side me.  No Wii, TV, friends until all their jobs are complete! 

Mulligan Card
            Our kids practice their instruments before school every morning.  Most of the time they do really great, but there are days they need a break.  We give them two mulligan cards a month and these can be used at anytime they feel like they would like a break from practicing. You can do this with jobs at home to.

IPod and ITunes Playlists
            I decide to orchestrate my date with different playlists to help me program my mind and body to do different tasks.  I have a Clean up Kitchen playlist, get ready, kids focus (help my little ones do their jobs), e-mail declutter, desk cleanup.  I’m currently going to experiment with a new scripture study playlist.  The music of course fits the job and also gives me an automatic timer to say “Hey you are done with this task lets move on to the next” 

Favorite Websites
            Saving money when ordering online:
            Tracking your weight loss goals and other things:
Counting calories, fat intake, or even just seeing if your getting enough fruits and veggies:
            Watching my favorite show when I want:
            Listening to fun music:

Allowing myself the time for Self-Care
            Taking time when I need to take care of myself (running, reading a book, blogging, temple worship, prayer and study, shopping whatever I may need at the moment) It helps to have a friend or husband who can be there to take care of the kids sometimes.  

Pumpkin Waffles

Waffles:                                                                                              Syrup:
2 cups flour                                                                            1/2 cup butter
1 TB cinnamon                                                                     1 cup sugar
1 TB sugar                                                                              1/2 cup buttermilk
1/2 tsp nutmeg                                                                       1 tsp corn syrup
2 TBS baking power                                     Boil these then take off heat then add:
4 eggs separated                                                                     1 tsp baking soda
1 1/2 cup milk                                                                        1 tsp vanilla
1 cup pumpkin (can use squash as a substitute)
3/4 cup butter
1 TB vanilla
1/4 tsp salt
Mix dry ingredients. Mix egg yolk, milk, pumpkin, melted butter, and vanilla. Beat egg whites until stiff. Combine liquid and dry ingredients. Fold in egg whites.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I got to vent!

Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone
This toy claims that it encourages early music-making and it even has a song on the back of the box for the child to try out.  The musical "scale" is C major.  The problem it's way out of tune!  So bad that the G is really a F#.  Even Traeden can tell the scale is off.  Here is what the scale sounds like C, D, E, F, F#, A, B, C We bought two because Devin loved his xylophone as a kid.  Well both have the F# issue and one of the xylophones has  two high C's next to each other.  The second xylophone plays C, D, E, F, F#, A, C (very muted),C. So muted that it doesn't ring at all.  This was very disappointing to me so when I called Fisher Price to explain the issue they laughed at me and said it's just a toy, it not suppose to be musical.  Well I say, I don't want my children learning the sound of a C major scale wrong.  Plus any song they try to make on the toy is going to sound wrong, That is not going to encourage music making or a sense of accomplishment.  Don't buy this toy!

Fisher Price will let me return them both for vouchers to buy other fisher price toys but I have to pay the shipping of course.  All I can say is I'm not pleased with Fisher Price Today!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Conrad's Birthday

The girls at the B-day party
Eating peach cobbler
Baby Lily (she is so small and cute)-Danny and Melissa's new baby girl
Homemade Corn dogs-way to thick I'll have to keep working on that recipe!
Birthday Boy-7 years old!
The Boy's cake for the fellers bake off-celebrating 100 years of scouting. They did this all by scratch-blueberry cake.

We went to my parents this weekend for family night so Conrad had a little birthday celebration with the Titensors and then tonight we invited over Deonne and Greg's family for peach cobbler.

We put up Conrad's height up on the wall and he is as tall as Traeden was at 5 years old. Crazy how much shorter he is, it will be interesting to see if Conrad shoots up later and get his height when he is older like Devin did.
Conrad 7th birthday poem
Can do anything he puts his mind to
Not a procrastinator-(he likes to get his homework and jobs done quickly so he can play)
Really smart
Awesome violinist
Dedicated to friends and family

Today I was called as the ward organist and ward music coordinator. So I not only play the music but I will get to pick out the hymns and musical numbers. So I'm excited to have some new opportunities learn. I've always wanted to play the organ. At one time in my life I said that someday I would like to play in the Tabernacle on Temple Square. I don't know if that will ever happen but now I at least the opportunity to develop that talent.