Friday, April 9, 2010

Our New Ward-Maple Valley

So it's been about a month now that we have been in our new ward.  It's been a big adjustment for all of us.  Just to give you an idea of the changes here is some info we got at the ward splitting meeting.
College Ward and Spring Creek are now three wards.
Before the split College Ward had 667 members and Spring Creek had 481
College Ward had 226 in the Primary and Spring Creek had 117
Now with the split
College Ward has 319 total members, Spring Creek has 431, and Maple Valley has 395
Primary totals for College Ward 89, Spring Creek 109, and Maple Valley 145.

Not only are we in the new ward but we go to a different church building and are meeting time is 2:30.  This is really late for the kids.  We have at least one of the kids who completely fall asleep in Sacrament meeting and then they are not happy to be woke up to go to primary.
Devin is still working with the Deacon's Group and have 2 boys and a couple who are non-members.  This has been a hard adjustment for their group but they are working with it.
I was released from the Primary Presidency and now get to play the organ for Sacrament Meetings.  This is a fun job but very exposing.  I enjoy the challenge and the chance to learn how to play the organ.  Right now I'm working to develop my foot pedal playing and finding great sound combinations with the various stops.  The organ we have is electronic and can save your settings, which is really cool.  Every time I go practice at the church I learn something new.
I substituted in Primary the week before General Conference and it was nice not to be in the front but I do miss seeing the kids every week.  I was use to being the teacher and now I get to be taught in Sunday School and Relief Society so that has been a new experience.  The first week I felt like I was a slacker because I wasn't running all over the church getting materials from the library, checking on primary classes, and helping take kids potty.  I also really miss the relationships that I had while serving in the Presidency.  There is a special bond that you feel as you work together for a common goal, especially when your serving with the Lord.
Change is good and I can see the benefits of this smaller ward.  I am meeting people that have been in the ward for a while but they were hidden because of how large the ward was.

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Sandra said...

Kevin's Aunt and Uncle are dealing with the same thing right now but they were in the same ward for about 15 years. They were put in an area that has a lot of apartments. So it has been hard for them to adjust to a transient ward. Thats neat that you are playing the organ... very cool.