Sunday, September 9, 2012


We had a good Sunday.  I'm trying to get us in a routine of getting up and going so we aren't late for church. It worked today!  I find if I have the kids dressed before breakfast then we are more likely to be on time.  The kids are motivated to get dressed quick and then we eat.
Our bishops son had his farewell today.  I remember when my dad was bishop and they really got away from having farewells but today was really a farewell.  The missionary invited everyone in the audience over to his house for lunch.  I'm not sure his mom appreciated that.  =)  I want to have a special day for my missionaries but I think I want to do it different so that Sunday is still a sacred day.  I think (I like to think of these things now)  we will have a friend party/open house on Friday or Saturday where he can really hang out and do some fun things with his friends.  They are still welcomed to come to hear him speak but we aren't going to have a huge gathering on Sunday.  On Sunday I would like to have a smaller gathering just for family that come but do it after the entire block of church.  I think it's important to come to all the meetings at church.
My friend Mandi had her baby girl this week.  Her baby is still in the hospital because she is on oxygen.  They are hoping to have her come home sometime this week.  I got to see pictures and she is adorable.  I was able to take her family dinner after church and it was fun to visit with them for a little bit.  Conrad was in charge of the Alfredo sauce which he successfully spilled on his church pants.  (I should have put that in a better container)  
Preschool is keeping me really busy.  The first of the year is just crazy in getting all the supplies ready to go.  I make a lot of things that we use all year round but it all needs to me made now so it's a lot of work.  I'm happy that all my classes are full and I even have a couple people on the waiting list.
I have six practicum students I will teach this semester from Utah State.  They will be helping run three different music therapy groups.  I'm excited that all my groups are with preschool age children.  Those groups are just lots of fun.  One group is 2 year olds, one is 4-5 year olds with cochlear implants, and the other group is my Play with Me group at Smithfield Rec center.  This group is ages 0-3 with there moms/caregivers.  I will have all three groups to do this week so it's a little crazy.  But once I get my routine going I should be OK.
We have stake conference next week, then I think it's temple dedication, and then it's general conference.  Because we won't be singing in sacrament in Sept or Oct we canceled ward choir for a couple months.  I need to get music ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This is the best time of year for the choir because of all the awesome music!

Enough ramblings for tonight!  Love you all!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Canning Season

So far I haven't done much canning but I've done some.  There is just something so satisfying of hearing those bottles pop so you know they have sealed.  Every time I hear one I know I've had a little miracle happen.  We didn't do a garden but I am getting produce from neighbors, family and friends of friends and it's so nice that people are willing to share when they have done enough for their family.  I did pickles for the first time this year.  I did 14 bottles of various dill pickles.  Some were baby dills, spears, and slices.  I haven't tasted them yet so I'm hoping they are good.  Today I did plum/apple juice and apple sauce.  I mixed in plums and apples.  The juice came out to be a beautiful purple color and the sauce had a nice rose color.  My neighbor did a ton of Apple pie filling and she didn't do applesauce so we decided I would do the applesauce and then we would exchange.  I think that is a great trade.
Traeden is in competition soccer this year and he has had three games.  He has done very well and I really like the coach and other parents.  They are very supportive and kind to everyone.  My parents came up this week to watch him play a game and that was really fun.