Saturday, September 8, 2012

Canning Season

So far I haven't done much canning but I've done some.  There is just something so satisfying of hearing those bottles pop so you know they have sealed.  Every time I hear one I know I've had a little miracle happen.  We didn't do a garden but I am getting produce from neighbors, family and friends of friends and it's so nice that people are willing to share when they have done enough for their family.  I did pickles for the first time this year.  I did 14 bottles of various dill pickles.  Some were baby dills, spears, and slices.  I haven't tasted them yet so I'm hoping they are good.  Today I did plum/apple juice and apple sauce.  I mixed in plums and apples.  The juice came out to be a beautiful purple color and the sauce had a nice rose color.  My neighbor did a ton of Apple pie filling and she didn't do applesauce so we decided I would do the applesauce and then we would exchange.  I think that is a great trade.
Traeden is in competition soccer this year and he has had three games.  He has done very well and I really like the coach and other parents.  They are very supportive and kind to everyone.  My parents came up this week to watch him play a game and that was really fun.

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