Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Day of School and I love to see the Temple

Yesterday was our first day of school.  We were running a little late so the kids really didn't want me to take a picture but nevertheless I got a quick pictures.  I can't believe I have three going for a full day.  I love that they are all at the same school, it makes it so nice and Traeden is a big help to get them together after school.  
 In front of our school, Thomas Edison Charter School.
 This is our family plus our neighbor at the Brigham City Temple Open House.  Our primary took all the kids.  We had over 200 people from the ward there yesterday.  It was a beautiful temple and it was neat to answer many questions my oldest had about the temple.
Here is the whole primary group minus the parents and teachers at the front of the temple.  If you don't have tickets or can't get them they do not turn anyone away.  You can get tickets here.  Or you can just go, they have parking at the old Kmart parking lot on Main Street (next to Burger King).  They shuttle you over in a bus and bring you back.  I believe the hours are 7:30 am - 8:00 pm.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Epic 2012

 Morgan with her Gallon Jug of Water!  This was her first relay and she did fantastic!  
 Devin after his first leg 
 We are in Niter, ID.  This was my second leg.

 Morgan stretching out and getting ready to run
 Some of the team, MRSA (Medics Running somewhere anywhere)  A few of us were not medics but they still claimed us.
 Vehicle 1 Rocks!  Just got showered and got a bite to eat after our 3 legs and we are feeling good
The whole team at the finish line in Jackson, WY

This race started in Smithfield, UT and ended in Jackson WY.  It was about 200 miles.  We had 12 team members although we had one runner who could only do one of her legs so she could be with her Grandmother who was recently in a car accident.  So we took turns running between 3-8 miles at a time.  This race only had about 90 teams which was so nice because it wasn't crowded.  The race was well put together and it sure felt good to accomplish this with an amazing group of people.  Races for me help me have a goal to reach for and keeps me motivated to keep in shape and continue my exercise goals.  It's a lot of fun too!   Just for the record it took us 33 hours 12 minutes and 21 secs to run this course.  We came in at 25th of 51 teams in our division  and 41 out of 87 teams overall.  

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Proud Mommy

Today C decided to bear his testimony in church.  It was great to see him get up his courage after seeing a few other young primary kids do the same.  As soon as he got done A wanted to go up as well.  I have been holding her off for months by saying she wasn't old enough.  I really think you need to be able to go up on your own and say your own words and not be told what to say.  Usually this isn't until you are about 8 year, I thought.  So when she asked me again today I told her to tell me what she would say.  She shared with me a very nice testimony and so I said she could as long as she could go up on her own and say that all by herself.  (I really didn't think she would).  She moved over to the end of the bench and told our neighbor who was sitting by us that she was going up to bear her testimony.  As soon as the pulpit was free she walked up there with full confidence.  The counselor in the bishopric got the bench ready so we could see her and lowered down the mic and she gave a great little testimony all on her own.  It was really special that she was so brave.  When she got back I asked her if she was scared and she said no.  I'm amazed at her ability to talk with anyone.  She is so friendly and thoughtful of other people.  She likes to make pictures during church and then give them to her friends.  This week she gave it to her friend Baylee who is 11 years old.  Last week she gave a picture to her friend Bro Heath who sat by our family.
Summer is going by really fast.  I'm trying to get some things done for preschool before it starts as well as get the kids school shopping done.  I would like also to get our yard a little more ready as well.  Devin started making some plans together in his head for a homemade play set which I think will be so fun for the kids!  The little trampoline we had been given needed some major repairs so I took it to a tramp repairman and he is working on getting it all the rings stitched on with new material and then he goes around the tramp five times.  We have decided that T. and possibly C is too big to jump on the small tramp.  It's so hard to get old!