Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas Card was very brief in telling about how our family is doing so I thought I would do a little more of an update here on our blog.

We have been here in Smithfield for almost two years and are really enjoying here.  We are slowly making this our own by doing some improvements in the yard and in the house.  We added a front side walk this summer we can walk to church more easily.  We added a sprinkler system which was a major project and caused many sore muscles and blisters!  Devin built some cubby/lockers in the garage with his Dad and Greg.  We have loved having these to store coats, boots, hats gloves and more.  Devin also put some shelves in the garage to store our holiday boxes on, and to give more room for the bountiful baskets.

Devin has really been enjoying work.  They have some great employees and the company is strong and continuing to grow.  The employees get along so well that they play basketball, ultimate Frisbee during lunch.  They even have work party's to play video games or watch movies.  I think it's great that they get a long so well.  Devin has really pitched in at home by cooking one meal a week for the family.  He also has initiated the clean the kitchen after dinner as a family which is a huge help to me.

Traeden has been enjoying middle school at Thomas Edison.  He is still at the same school but the middle school is in a different wing of the school.  He has excelled in all of his classes this year and really likes Mr. Low.  Mr. Low wears a tie to school everyday so Traeden did one day and it's become a tradition for him to wear a tie to school at least once a day because Mr. Low says he looks sharp.  Traeden is in the band and plays Euphonium.  He is also doing really well on the piano.  He has his own paracord making business called, "One Accord".    He has sold over 30 bracelets so far to family and friends and even has the local "Smithfield Implement" selling his product.  He is saving for his scout trip this summer to Camp Bartlett.

Conrad is in 5th grade.  Today he played the violin for our church Christmas program.  I had so many people come to me to complement Conrad's playing.  He is really doing well and he enjoys it.  Conrad has taken an interest in baseball and is planning on playing this spring.  He loves to play Lego's with Traeden and they are always coming up with amazing creations.

Samantha is a big 1st grader!  She loves stuffed animals.  Of all her toys she plays with her stuff animals more then anything.  She and Abigail are the best of friends and she is a great big sister to her.  The two of them are in dance lessons together.  They did a fun Christmas program at a rest home where they danced in there pajamas.  It was darling.  Samantha is playing the flute and it's so fun to see learn new songs.

Abigail is our little social butterfly.  She is friends with everyone she meets.  Recently she inherited a new grandma at the rest home they performed at.  She also asked another mom if she was a witch (because she had long black hair) once she found out she wasn't she became best friends with her and sat by her during Samantha's flute recital.  Abi is playing the piano and has a great singing voice.  She is totally motivated to practice the piano so she can get her piano treat.  =)    

I'm just trying to keep up with all my children's activities and homework during the afternoons.   During the day I manage to teach preschool to some amazing students.  On Fridays I get to teach a music class with kids and their moms with is a blast.  Every other Saturday the family helps me do Bountiful Baskets at an Elementary School.  We got asked to take over this site because we were already trained from the Nibley site.  It's been a great experience to get to know our community better.

We are so blessed and feel so grateful to have our health and the knowledge that our Savior Lives.  We are so grateful you, our wonderful friends and family who love us and serve us!  Merry Christmas From The Overly's

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Merry Christmas from Pumpkin!

We hope you enjoy this fun Jingle Bell Disco Flute Solo Arrangement!  Merry Christmas from Pumpkin!