Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Traeden!

Candy Bar Game

Lego Creation Game

Candy Bar Game

Eating Treats and Hanging Out

Candy Bar Game
I've been planning for a few months now to surprise Traeden with a Birthday Party with his friends from school and the neighborhood.  We normally don't give party's on 11 year old birthdays but I felt like this is a really important year for Traeden to have a friend party so I planned to do a surprise party.  It was so much fun to coordinate with parents, who were completely supportive.  Most of the kids didn't even know they were going to a party until they came home from school and were told then so they couldn't ruin the party.  I thought that was really cool of them!  Here is what we did.

  • While waiting for Traeden to come we played a balloon game where you have to get a balloon on a target by blowing up a balloon and letting it go.  It is really funny to watch where all the balloons land, everywhere you don't want it!
  • Then we did a lego creation game.  We divided into teams and they got a random bag of Legos and a time of 10 minutes and had to create something with as many parts as they could.  They got really creative.
  • We did a skittle game where you had to transfer Skittles from one cup to another cup.  Samantha finished all of her skittles first.  I think she has some good wind power playing the flute.
  • We also did the classic Candy bar game with die.  
  • They played a little bit of Mario Cart and then played outside on the tramp.  
  • We fed them pizza and soda floats.  
This was really fun for me to plan and it was fairly inexpensive to do.  Traeden said it was his favorite birthday ever so mission accomplished.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

1st Place!

We are all pretty excited to find out that Traeden got 1st place in the Health Days Music Competition.  The age group was for 1st graders-5th graders.  He will get to play for Health Days May 10th at Sky View High School.  He is excited to get a trophy and $25.  He played "The Sorcerer"  It was his festival piece for Federation this year.  Ya Traeden!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Soccer Season has begun

Peanut finding eggs at city egg hunt
Devin catching chicken at Kabuki Japanese Stake House

We have three children in soccer this year and had our first game Saturday.  We are happy that Traeden and Conrad are playing on the same team this year so it will make it a little easier to get to all their games and practices.  Samantha and Conrad played goalie and did a great job.

This Saturday we celebrated our 100 days of practicing by taking the kids to Golden Corral.  We all ate too much and had a great time.  The fun thing with Golden Corral is they have cotton candy.  The kids were in cotton heaven and had fun making beards out of it.  It was a hard thing to practice without missing a day but all the kids did it so I was really proud of them.

Easter Morning Smiles
One last thing...Abi said the funniest thing today.  While she was on the toliet she hollers to Sam and I, "My poo did a burp!"  I just love how little kids think things out.  

Thursday, April 5, 2012

1st Lost Tooth

Samantha lost her first tooth!   She was so excited and for weeks has been talking about losing it but was really nervous to pull it.  After a few attempts by herself, dad and mom she finally got it out by mom.  This was my first tooth I got to pull out for my children so it was pretty cool.  She has shark teeth right now where she has two layers of teeth.  So much fun.  Conrad just lost another tooth last night.  The tooth fairy has been busy visiting our house!