Friday, July 23, 2010

Random Thoughts and Sayings-by the Overly Kids

 I use to do better at writing down cute funny things the kids would say.  I came across these pieces of paper in my folder and thought Ibetter write these down or I'll lose them.  There a bit dated but still quite fun.
Samantha- When I ask Samantha something she doesn't know she says "Can't know?"  Feb 2009
Conrad-Talking about his friend-"Scott is rich-he is like a Dad because he is so rich."
Traeden- "Maybe Santa will bring us a Wii and a game because we don't want a bunch of Wii's sitting around for decorations."
Conrad- after Samantha threw up-hoping to get the same treatment of watching TV and drinking juice "I'm kind of sick----of coughing"
Samantha-- and Ember were playing and Samantha starting crying.  We asked her what was a matter and Samantha told us Ember bit her finger then she told Ember not to eat her fingers anymore.
Samantha--  Everyone was in the van and she would ask "Daddy are you hungry?"  It was her high inflection at the end of hungry that made it so cute and funny.

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Brittany said...

I remember when Samantha told Ember not to eat her fingers, that was so funny! I love hearing your kids sayings.