Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nibley Heritage Days

Here is Traeden Getting his first kiss!

Conrad as an Indian in the Children's Play
Traeden as a Cowboy
Conrad with his friend posing

We had a great week full of fun family activities.  
Monday we participated in the Family Bike Parade with balloons and crape paper decorating our bikes.  
Thursday and Friday was the Children's Play. The boys had a great time and did there part just right! Before the Play on Friday we had the Mayor's Dinner catered by Cafe Sabor.  Yum Yum.  
Friday Night most of the family stayed to watch the family movie in the park with Grandma and Grandpa T.
Saturday Morning we all ran either the 5K or 1 mile run.  Grandma and Grandpa helped us out a ton by pushing the stroller and making sure all the boys did the mile.  Traeden did really well.  He ran a mile in 9 min and 10 sec.  Devin and I ran the 5K together and did it under 30 minutes which is always my goal.  I think I'm going to shoot for under 25 min. for the next race.  
After the race we got ready super fast and rode our bikes up to the parade.  The kids love to chase for the candy.  Abi especially loved the horses, and Samantha wanted to follow the tractors home to see where they lived.  That night Danny and Melissa came up and we did a sealing session together with mom and dad and then we went to a Jon Schmidt concert in the park.  What a great concert!  We ate dinner on the blanket and shared lots of snacks throughout the concert.  Deonne and Greg came early and got us awesome seats.  Jon played songs until it got dark.  It was so great.  He played my favorite song twice "Viva La Vida meets Love Story."   We waited a while more in the park and then had a great firework show. For a small town I think the celebration was pretty amazing.  We have a ton of volunteers that help put this all together.  Everyone in the town could find one thing they would enjoy.  


Sandra said...

How fun. Traeden is starting kissing a little early eh? ha ha

David said...

That is one jam packed Saturday. That's more than I've done all week!

Brittany Titensor said...

I seem to recall Traeden getting his first kiss about six years ago at the Castledale pageant. . . Everything sounded like so much fun! I love Jon Schmidt's "Viva La Vida meets Love Story" too. Is is legal now? We miss you guys!

overlyactive said...

You may be right, Brittany. What was he like four? We better keep an eye on him. Jon told the story about that and said he is still working on the legality so he had to change a bit of it so it would be legal at the concert.