Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gearing up for Nibley Hertiage Days

This last week has been crazy busy with kids activities.  I feel like a taxi driver getting them all where they need to go.  Both the boys are in the Nibley Children's Play this year.  Traeden tried out for a speaking part and he is Cowboy #2 and does a great job with his one line in the play.  They are putting on Sleeping Beauty, Western Style.  The music is really cute and each group does a little choreographed dance while they sing. I have been playing the piano for half of the group everyday which has been about 2 hours of practices each day.  I was lucky to find another piano player to share the responsibility with me.
Traeden just made a competition soccer team and starts practices tomorrow.  He is really excited and happy to play with another friend from our ward.  He also just got a new bike which he loves to ride.  He is busy with scouts and he is taking an art class with his cousin Josh.
Conrad is enjoying summer and plays so hard that he is just bushed by the end of the day.  Friday night I barbecued hamburgers and hot dogs and had fixed Conrad's bun and I went out to get the meat off the grill and came in to find Conrad half way done with his burger (without the meat). When I told him I hadn't given him his burger yet he just started crying and crying.  I told him to go to his room to calm down and found him on his bed asleep.  He was just so tired he couldn't deal with anything.
Samantha and Abigail had birthday's this week.  We had a combined family party on Saturday for them and Dallin.  They had fun with the amazing "Carzz" cake Aunt Melissa made.  Samantha is getting quite good at explaining herself and is very much the little lady.  Abi is just a monkey and climbs everything and does not fear anything.  She is talking lots and saying multiple words.
The weather has been very wet.   I don't remember a June quite this wet in Cache Valley.  We have not had to water our lawn so far.  The garden is growing very well without much attention.  I love to look out and see the rainbows.  Most of the days it's wet for part of the day and sunny for the rest.  I think it's absolutely wonderful.

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David said...

I'm still laughing out loud at Conrad eating a hamburger without the burger.