Saturday, August 14, 2010

Photo Time

The Swim Gang.  We carpooled with some friends and all the kids did really well at swim lessons.  Even Abi and I did a class together.  She is a fearless swimmer so this really helped her be more careful.

Traeden holding his Trophy that we so happily got at the Cache Cup!  2nd Place!

Abigail looking so big!  She is getting potty trained.  She has been doing so well but it's still not easy.  I've been cleaning lots of carpet, and do laundry much more!  But I'm happy that we are on our way to no more diapers!
We had Brock and Brynn to stay for a week.  The kids had so much fun with them here.  They got to go with us to all Traeden's Soccer games.
Pure summer entertainment.  The kids got a kick out of watching them redo our street out front.  Then after it was all done the smooth road was a blast to ride bikes on!  Unfortunately Samantha tried stepping on the wet asphalt and got her foot covered in tar.  Not fun at all.

Camping with the Titensor.  This was a great campground called North Fork Park.  The kids rode their bikes round and round, we had some great fires and even did freebie goal at Snow Basin.  It was a fun trip except the flat tire on the way home.  


Sandra said...

Was it tough to get the tar off her foot. Poor girl. I'm glad you guys have had a great summer. So sad that it's over :(

overlyactive said...

It was tough to get off plus it got tar all over the bottom of the bathtub so when Abi had a potty accident and I told her to go it in the bathtub I didn't think about the tar and she got it on her bum! Crazy day! Mom's life is always exciting!