Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day of School

Today was our First Day of School.  The kids did really well this morning getting up to practice their instruments and getting all their jobs done before they left.  Devin was able to give them Father's Blessing before they went to school.  I remember looking forward to this as a kid and I'm sure our children will treasure these blessings as well.The sacks they have are their school supplies that will stay at school.  Cheese!
Abi was feeling left out so she ran out their to pose.
Then Samantha had to join.  Exciting day.  The boys came home so happy with how their day went.  They both love their teachers.  I actually haven't met them yet because I was in Salt Lake during back to school night last night so Devin took them.
I loved having quiet time today and it actually was quiet.  I got some preschool planning done, cleaning, and paid bills.  Tomorrow I get to run errands during the day without 4 kids.  What will I ever do with myself!  =)


Sandra said...

Where will your two little ones be? Glad your kids had a great first day. What time does your school start? I'm pumped about ours being 8:10 especially since it's stormy today Kevin can take them on his way to work. SWEET! Hope to see you soon for Shanell's birthday lunch.

overlyactive said...

Oh they will still be at home. I will just have two instead of four home all day.