Sunday, August 8, 2010

Extraordinary service

This week we had two experiences where people went out of there way to come to our rescue and serve us.   Sunday on our way home from camping we decided to go the scenic route and go over the canyon via Avon Pass.  We were almost to Avon when Devin looked out the window because the car felt different and noticed we had a flat tire and one tire was low.  We stopped and unloaded all our camping gear on the side of the dirt road.  Got the spare tire lowered down and not easily put the tire on the van.  After we had the spare on the tire we noticed the front tire now was completely flat.  Devin then thought we better call someone from the ward to see if we could get a pump so we could at least get the van home.  No cell phone reception!  Then he said well lets walk down the road a bit until I get reception.  Traeden then said, "Lets just ride our bikes home."  Great idea!  We had Devin ride ahead and he was going to grab the truck and then come back and find us to take us home.  The kids did really well, Conrad and Traeden were on their own bikes and I had the girls in the trailer.  We went about 7 miles and stopped in Paradise to get some water on the church lawn.  The kids were hot and tired.  It was noon and the sun was hot.  As we sat there a neighbor drove by and saw us.  He quickly turned around and asked us what we were doing.  He could tell we were in trouble.  Could it be that I was dirty, and Abigail was still in her pajamas covered in dirt?  He was out to move a sprinkler at his farm so he returned to the farm house, got his car and some cold drinks.  When he got back Devin had another neighbor with him ready to load our bikes and a tow dolly to get our van.  The kids and I got home in time to get showered and dressed just in time to go to church so I could play the organ.  We were so grateful to our good neighbors who stopped and helped us in our time of trial.

Tuesday we saw a dresser that would work perfect in the girls bedroom on We sent an e-mail to see if it was still available and we got a phone call later that said we were first in line if we still wanted it.  $20 for a little white dresser.  We were excited.  They lived in Layton and the lady gave me some rough directions to her house.  I switched cars with Devin so I would have the truck to get the dresser home and the boys went to Deonne's to play.  I thought I could drive with the girls to Layton and then pick up the boys from Wellsville on the way home.   I met a lady at the Target in Riverdale and she bought Conrad's 1/10 size violin for $100.  Then we started to Layton and followed the directions to Layton.  We made a couple bad turns and got back on track.  We got really close to the address and we were making circles.  We did find the house number but the wrong street.  I stopped and asked for some directions to one family and they didn't really know but sent me in another direction.  The girls were hot with no air conditioning in the truck and all our water we brought to drink was gone.  After a half an hour or so of searching I was ready to give up thinking I must have wrote the address down wrong.  Then I saw a man in his yard and stopped to talk with him.  He saw the girls who looked really hot and offered them a cold drink from his fridge.  He told me to put up ahead to some shade while I called on his phone and he left to get the girls some "Powerade".  The phone number was written down incorrectly so all I had to work from was the address.  The man asked to look at the address and then he said he was pretty sure he could get us there, so he hopped in his truck and we followed him right to the house.  Then he saw we were picking up this dresser and offered to help put it in the truck for us.   He then used some of our tie downs and got the dresser securely in the truck and sent us on our way.  All I know about him was he was a retired firefighter, his name is Dan and he has his own business of doing handy work odd jobs.  A perfect stranger to us went completely out of his way to help us.  I so appreciate his Christlike acts.  Would I do the same?  I sure hope so.
We never know when we will need help.  It's humbling to accept help but when we do it renews our faith in human kind.  Their are wonderful people, sometimes strangers who care to serve. Today Devin will speak in church about how we are the Lords Hands, based on Elder Uchtdorf talk in conference.  Kind of ironic that we had these experiences the week he gives this talk...humm...I don't think so.   Mosiah 2:17 And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn awisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the bservice of your cfellow beings ye are only in the service of your God


Sandra said...

Great stories! It's always awesome to hear stories like that because you often wonder if good kind helpful people are still around. I'm glad everything turned out okay.

David said...

Thanks for sharing these examples of great service. I'm glad everything worked out for you in both circumstances. You're stories have inspired me to be better myself. Thanks!