Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pictures from Celebration Concert

 Traeden out in the lobby before his dress rehearsal.  Grandma Ballard watched the other kids for me so it was nice to have some one-on-one with Traeden.  He is really ready for this concert.
 This is the dress rehearsal but I decided I better get pictures because I could get a lot closer.  
The Bow.  
Goofy boys.  This was concert night.  I had my hands full since we got their an hour before the concert.  We took a walk to get the three younger kids' wiggles out.  The missionaries at the conference center are not used to having small children at that venue and I thought a few of them were going to have a heart attack when a two year old was running in the lobby!  I could see them on their walkie talkies "Young child in dress running without an escort"  After a few looks from the security we went outside to walk.  My poor feet wished I wore my flats and not high heels.
Daddy made it from Logan 15 minutes before the concert.  The girls were so excited they had to give him kisses.   Samantha below looks like she is eating his nose.  =)  

THANK YOU!!!  I just want to thank Mom and Dad Titensor for watching Traeden for four nights!  That was such a huge help.  Deonne took Traeden down on a Saturday Practice.  My mom went to several of his rehearsals and then drove him home one time.  I had a fellow piano mom take Traeden to the Wed. Night rehearsal, thank you Emily!  Traeden's teacher, Ginger was so helpful at rehearsals with my kids.  Grandpa came to be with Traeden, thanks so much for rearranging your work to be their with him.  Thanks for Grandma and Grandpa Ballard for watching the kids Thursday Night.  And thanks to David for bringing them home today!  This concert was a huge time commitment and we couldn't have done it without help from so many!
Traeden worked so hard to be ready for this.  He did really well and he told me he didn't make one mistake!  Way to go!

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