Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm finally sitting down!

This has been such a crazy busy few weeks.  It's after midnight and I'm de-stressing right now even though my house is a mess!  Why is my life so crazy
Traeden has a 10 piano concert next weekend.  He has been having one or two rehearsals for that in Salt Lake every week for the last few weeks.  He goes tomorrow, Monday, Wed. Thursday (dress rehearsal) and then the concert is Friday.  This only happens every three years so I figured we have to do it.  It will be a great experience for him but he is tired of practicing and working "SO HARD" on these songs.  He is playing Ecossaise and Minuet in G minor.
I have a concert tomorrow night, we had rehearsal Wed night for three hours, Tonight for three hours, and Saturday we have a dress rehearsal in the afternoon and then the concert at night.  We are singing Mack Wilberg's pieces.  I had no idea he has composed as much as he has.  They are all so great too.  Lot of variety and some are just so much fun to sing.  We even get to do a couple Christmas songs.  Mack Wilberg will even conduct three of the pieces.  He rehearsed with us tonight, I really like his conducting style.  He was just a very nice and humble man.  Craig Jessops says he has had the privilege of knowing and working with two geniuses in his life, Robert Shaw and Mack Wilberg.  That is quite the complement.
Preschool has kept me really busy.  This is my typical M-Thursday I get the boys off to school then I madly clean up the house to get ready for preschool, then I do preschool, then I clean up after preschool, feed the kids lunch read stories have nap time, then I chart and do data for preschool and plan for the next day.  I have been blogging for the parents.  That has been a great way to communicate with them.  I really like doing it though.  It keeps me busy but I see so much improvement with my own girls who get preschool four days a week.  Samantha has really caught on to letters and can read some simple words.  Today we went to Macey's and she was trying to sound out the big Macey's sign.  Abigail has so much fun with the kids.  She tags along and knows all of their names.  The cutest thing happened on Thursday.  It was show and tell day and she chose a stuffed pink bear all on her own to show the kids.  When I called her up for her turn she came right up and held her bear up.  I asked her a couple questions and then I touched it and said this is so soft, can you let all the other kids touch your bear.  She went to all the other 7 kids and let them feel her bear and she was just so grown up about it.  It was way cute.  The other fun thing is my girls are singing all the time now.  It's been great.
Traeden has been in soccer this fall and his coach thought it would be good for me to help out at practices.  So we do that two times a week when I can make it.  The other kids have been really great to play in the park while the kids practice.  Traeden has improved so much this season I'm really happy he is catching the vision of hard work at practice = better at your games.
Conrad started playing with the Middle School Orchestra.  He leaves his 2nd grade class and goes to orchestra and then comes back to his class.  He is loving the music and it's challenging for him which is what he needed.  His 2nd grade teacher has been so great to work with and she helps catch him up when he gets back.
Traeden has learned how to whistle and he is doing it constantly.  I have had to tell him a few times to stop whistling, like at church, during my piano lessons, and at the dinner table.  But he is getting really good at whistling in tune.  I can't whistle at all so I think it's pretty neat!
Devin is keeping busy with scouts lately.  It seems like the last two months he is gone with scouts at least two nights a week.  Between extra meetings, campouts, service projects he is busy a lot with that.  He just got a fun game to play with the kids on the Wii it's called NBA Jam.  We haven't been able to play it all that much just because of our schedule but when it slows down, that will be a fun one to play.  It's just like the old one he had growing up so he is way stoked about it.
Well I'm sorry about the long post, it's been so long since I've written their is a lot to catch up on.


Sandra said...

Glad to hear preschool is going well. Do you think you will continue this long term?

Shanell said...

I am feeling like I need a bread just reading about all that your family has been doing, sheeesh!

I meant to ask you more about how you feel about kids and music, ie how much you think it is okay to make them take lessons - for how long, etc.