Sunday, October 17, 2010

Abi is talking

Abi is saying lots of words and Grandma and Grandpa in Russia haven't heard her talking yet so I thought I would video her saying a few things.  Can you tell she threw up on me at church today.  We were in the Logan Tabernacle for stake conference and I caught most of it in my hands and some got on the bench and my skirt. Luckily we knew the family in front of us and she helped me open the ziplock bag we keep our crayons in and I carefully deposited the stomach material in the bag.  I took the bag and the coloring book to the bathroom and threw it all away.  (sorry if that grossed you out!) I washed my hands and came back to clean off the seat with diaper wipes.  What a mess!   Devin had Abi outside where she threw up again.  I decided since I had throw up on me and her we would go home.  Devin had nothing on him so he stayed with Samantha.   After she got that out of her system she has been great.  So I hope her stomach was just upset and we don't have the flu.


overlyactive said...

Sorry for the video being on the side. I'm not sure how to fix that.

Sandra said...

SO cute. She is getting so big. Sorry about the throw up....not the greatest place for that to occur. Sounds like it wasn't the flu so thats nice, especially with the Halloween party (which was excellent by the way) and a trip to plan for. Hope you guys had a wonderful time in Cali!