Monday, December 8, 2008

Express your Love

Friday night we lost two neighbors to a tragic car accident in Sardine Canyon.  Curtis and Tami Anderson were driving home from SL and had their two little kids in the back along with a family friend  Hannah (a granddaughter of another neighbor)  A 19 year old boy was driving home from USU and must have fallen asleep at the wheel and hit them head on.  Curtis and Tami and the Hannah (the friend) died on the scene.  Their two children Kailee and Jackson were taken to hospitals.   Kailee who is 5 year old was life flighted to Primary Children's Hospital and is in a full body cast.  Their funeral will be on Saturday and our whole ward is in mourning.  Tonight all of our subdivision will turn off our Christmas Lights in honor of them.  The Anderson home will be the only home to have their lights on.  I pray their children will stay close to the Savior and know how much they are loved. 
We never know how long we have to express our love to friends and family.  Give someone a squeeze today and tell them you love and appreciate them.  For more information on the accident you can visit 

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