Tuesday, December 23, 2008


3 months

5 months with Grandma B
1 week
Abigail Irene is a bright star in our family.  She was born June 10 of this year.  After she was born she made her parents nervous when she wasn't breathing.  The cord was wrapped tight around her neck, which also caused her heart rate to drop during heavy contractions.  The nurses and doctors were so capable and got her breathing after a few minutes of panic from mom and dad. 
Her brothers and sister dote on her and love to hold and help mom care for her.  
She has a few nicknames...  Peanut (Devin calls her this), Belle, Babs, and Abby.  She smiles at everyone.  Strangers will come up and talk to her (completely ignore mom) because she gives them eye contact and genuine smiles.  
I have lots of help at church when I am busy in Primary or singing in the ward choir. Abigail gets held by neighbors who just love her.  
Some of Abigail's accomplishments this year is; learning to sleep through the night, rolling over, and her famous smile.  
She loves hearing clapping.  Instead of being startled like my other baby's have, she looks all around and smiles.  She may be a famous performer someday, who knows.  
We are trying to keep her feet warm this winter which has been tricky since she has happy feet. When we get her up in the morning, she has worked her dancing feet either completely out of her pajamas, both feet into one legging, or all scrunched up above the leggings.  During the day its impossible to keep socks on her feet as well.  We are investigating some booties that are hard to take off.  Any suggestions are welcomed.  
Her favorite activity is watching her brothers and sister dance and play.  She is fun to be with and still enjoys cuddling to the delight of her parents!  We love you Abigail.


Deonne said...

Try Target's Ministar's

Sandra said...

I'm glad she smiles at everyone, she has the cutest smile!

Beth said...

Robees i hear are very good too. similar to ministars. I am looking at getting something for joseph as well. He doesn't have "dancing feet", just cold ones. Especially now that he can pull his socks off.

I can't wait to see you guys on Saturday. Yes, I got your emails. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Hopefully I can get a handle on life after the store closes.

Thanks again!