Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Samantha 2008

Samantha has done a lot of growing up this year.  
First she had to deal with her mom not being able to carry her and help her as much for a few months since mom had a broken leg.  She also got to visit lots of family and friends who were so generous of their time.  This was a big help for mom and I think Samantha became even more flexible.  
Then she got a new baby sister.  This is always an adjustment for the youngest and Samantha did very well.  She just wanted to help out.  Sometimes this was hard for her to understand when it really wasn't helping mom out.
Samantha wanted to start using the potty about when Abigail came.  Mom and Dad were not quite ready to take this on so we put her off for about a month and then started potty training.  It's December and I still feel like we are potty training.  She is doing pretty good but we do a lot of reminding and cleaning up accidents still.
After Halloween Samantha got "magic bracelets".  We borrowed these thumb guards from Derek and Charity to help brake the habit of sucking her thumbs.  She did so good and never cried about not being able to suck on her thumbs.  Her thumbs got really red and irritated after a few weeks so we decided to take them off earlier then the 4 week time frame the company suggested.  Well just this week we have noticed a few times Samantha has been sucking her thumbs.  Not a lot, so we've debated about using it again.  
Samantha is a sweet girl and brings us lots joy.  She loves to hold and play with her dolly she calls "Holly."  She loves to cook, and clean, and work side by side her mom.  She is a daddy's girl as well and loves to get tickled, kissed and cuddled.  
We just love this little girl!

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