Friday, December 5, 2008

God Does Provide!

I've been really concentrating on being prepared in our food storage and 72 hour kits.  I did an inventory a couple weeks ago and found out what foods and items we are still in need of.  I spent the majority of food budget this month on sale items that were for our food storage.  I've heard before that if you start working on food storage things just start to happen for you.   
I got a call yesterday night from a ward member that had two large boxes of apples that she just couldn't get to.  She wanted to give them to me.  This was the exact item that I had been thinking that we needed more of-applesauce.  Call it luck or what you may but I know that God knew I needed and would use the apples if I was given them.  I'm thankful that my neighbor was in tune to hear the Lord whisper our name when she thought who she should call.  
God also provides us opportunities for growth.  I was asked on Tuesday if I could do a 30-45 minute musical program for the AA RP association of Cache Valley for Thursday December 4th at the Bluebird Restaurant.  I was first thinking "Are you crazy? That's in two day's"  Then I thought after a while, "No, this is a good opportunity for me to brush up on some of my piano, and guitar skills."  It really was a fun experience for me.  I spent the evenings on Tuesday and Wednesday after putting the kids to bed playing Christmas Songs.  I even recruited Devin to sing "The Wexford Carol" with me, and Deonne did the piano duet "Sleigh Ride."   I love playing for this age group for a few reasons.  They are completely accepting of you, they have some amazing musical histories so they have heard of most every song play, and they are so grateful.  This is the audience that after you are done playing it takes you an hour to leave because you have so many that come up and thank you and tell you a story.  I even had a man that came up and played me two songs on his harmonica that he had in his pocket.  Just remember that God does and will provide.  

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