Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December never slows down.

Abigail loves bath time!
All Traeden wants for Christmas is his 2 front teeth!  (I wish =))
Nibley Live Nativity Scene at the Old Barn

They had live animals to pet and even a huge camel!
We got a hayride to the Nativity.
Devin and I started shopping in November so we could have a relaxing December.  We got done with shopping for almost everything before Thanksgiving.  We should be coasting right?  There is always things to do but I am grateful we have a lot done because otherwise I would be way stressed out.  I think because we have done a lot in advance the family has been able to enjoy some extra fun things.  Here is a few pictures of some things we have done.

Snow came this weekend while Devin was camping up the canyon with the scouts.  He didn't get much sleep because the boys thought it would be fun to sing and talk and yell all night.  We are still drying out our tent in the garage.  

Our family did a fun family night.  Our bishop gave us a wood manger with the story of the last straw in it.  So we all drew names to pick who we would do service for until Christmas day.  Every time you do service you get to put a piece of paper in the manger with the service on it.  On Christmas we will read all the acts of service that was done.  The hard thing to do is keep it secret.  I asked Conrad if he needed any help with his service.  He said he was going to give Dad a big hug and a kiss when he got home from work.  So I asked, "So you have dad?"  "No, I have Samantha", he answered.   I was confused.  "How does that serve Samantha."  Conrad said, "Because Samantha's only jobs are to look cute and give dad hugs and kisses, so I'm helping her by doing one of her jobs."  I got a laugh out of that.  
I'm finding it hard to serve my kids that is not out of the ordinary.  I want to do special things that I don't already do.  That can be tough since moms already do so much.  But this has brought a special spirit in our home so we will be making this a Overly tradition.


Sandra said...

Looks like you guys had fun! I got Tina Mihu's Christmas card and did you know she named her youngest Abigail also? Oh and Woo hoo for you guys for getting your shopping done early!

overlyactive said...

I saw that. That is fun. Their family is so darling!