Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Traditions

Christmas is almost here and I was thinking how fun it is for everyone of all ages.  What makes it so fun and memorable.  For me it's the traditions.  Here is my favorite Christmas Traditions not listed in any order of preference just when they come to me.

Watching Christmas Movies (especially Miracle on 34th St.)
Making cookies for Santa
Taking and recieving nieghbor gifts
Christmas caroling
Shrimp Dip and chips-thanks to Mom T!
pinoche and caramels-thanks to Mom O who makes this faithfully each year
Secret delivery's to friends and family
Christmas Cards from far away family and friends
Being with family
Reading and acting out the Christmas Story of Jesus

What are your favorite Traditions?  I'd love to hear, just reply to this message (for those of you who have never done this-It's fun and easy and I love to see who is reading our blog)
Merry Christmas and keep your traditions alive!

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Sandra said...

One that my Mom did and I plan to start is every Christmas morning she would have an array of candy set out on the coffee table. I'm sure we had enough candy in our stockings but we munched on it all day... it consisted of chocolate covered peanut clusters, cinnamon santas or trees, orange sticks and other stuff. I won't put as much out but I liked this tradition. One that I don't plan on carrying out is that we had to wait till after breakfast to open gifts....the anticipation was a killer. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!