Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Meanest Mom in the whole World

It now has been declared and thus deemed official by Traeden (age 7 1/2) that I am "The meanest mom in the whole world."  This is really what he said to me several times last night.  We have had some hard times this week and we are only on Wed.  Prior to this declaration we had a nice Christmas program at Thomas Edison Charter School where both Traeden and Conrad performed with their classes.  We have a tradition to go out for a treat after every performance.  This is a fun way to celebrate performing and a way we tribute the practice hours prior the performance. 
So after the concert I asked the boys if they wanted Dilly bars or ice cream cones.  Everyone wanted Dilly bars so we headed to Dairy Queen.  We got to Dairy Queen and found the workers doing their own celebrating and closed early for a company Christmas party.  Traeden was convinced they were still open because he could see people in their.  Trying to explain something to a 7 year old boy who knows everything never ends well.  So giving another choice (which I've learned doesn't always work, but I still make a conscience effort) of getting a frosty at Wendy's or a cone at Arctic Circle.  Traeden lays down the ultimatim that if he can't get a dilly bar he will only accept a shake at Arctic Circle.  Since Conrad said he wanted a cone we ended up going to get cones.  Still Traeden is ranting about how unfair life is.  Right before we are ordering in the drive thru I ask Traeden if he decided if he wanted a cone or if he didn't want anything.  He said he wanted to get a Dilly Bar tomorrow when it was open.  So I ordered 3 cones and proceeded to ask Conrad and Samantha what flavors they wanted.  I ordered vanilla for myself and paid.  When Traeden realized I didn't order him anything this is when he made his statement of me being the meanest mom in the whole world.  (Devin was home teaching during this moment if you were wondering and thought the whole thing was funny)  To my defense I just wanted to give him a treat!
This morning Devin and I decided that Traeden just likes to argue so we are on a mission to stop the arguing and just walk away.   
I'm determined to be a good mom and if that makes me the meanest mom in the whole world sometimes in his eye, I'd rather that then wake up someday and realize I'm creating the meanest, spoiled rotten, ignorant, and lazy adult who isn't ready for the real world.   

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Beth said...

Good Job!! I commend your efforts. I know that my turn at being the meanest mom is right around the corner... Good luck!