Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Traeden 2008

Traeden did some amazing things this year.  When I broke my leg he became my right foot man. =) While Conrad and Samantha went to visit Grandma T., Grandma O, and Janelle and Charity he stayed home to go to school and help me.  In the primary program Traeden was asked to write his own talk about supporting and serving his family.  He was the perfect one to ask because he really stepped up to help out.
Traeden worked all year to get ready for his Suzuki Book 1 recital.  This is quite the feat, he played all 20 songs from memory.  He invited his family, a few neighborhood friends, and school and primary teachers.  It was so neat to see all the support he had.  He did so well and I was very proud.
Traeden is now in 2nd grade and is reading very well.  He does very well at math and is already doing multiplication and some division.  I have to have Devin grade his math because it takes me too long.
He is doing Basketball with his cousin Josh.  This is his first team experience and Devin is having a good time coaching along side with Greg (Deonne's Husband).  
Traeden enjoys playing with Conrad and friends, loosing teeth (lost 4 so far), building with legos, computer games (PBS kids and Webkinz), and watching movies and Saturday morning cartoons.  He is very fun and can be super silly.  I appreciate when he is a great helper, he often will serve Devin and I by making our bed.  What a great example he is to his three younger siblings and we sure love him!

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