Friday, January 9, 2009

Devin 2008

It's so much easier to do summaries about your kids because they change so much in just one year. But I will attempt to make this interesting for more then just me here.  
Devin keeps busy doing so many things.  I wonder how he manages to juggle so many things.  He is assistant scoutmaster. He works with the 12 and 13 year old boys in the area.  He really enjoys the camping, hiking and playing that he has to do with the calling.  He has a great leader that he shares the load with so that always helps make things nice.  
Devin is always dreaming of ways to make our home and yard nicer, and more usable.  This year he tackled a huge project of building a good size shed in the back yard.  This was done with little help from me since I was either pregnant or recovering from having a baby.  I was really proud of him because he designed the whole thing on his own.  It even has glass windows to let in light!  We are able to store all our bikes, lawnmower, ladders, and stuff like that we don't have room in our spacious garage. (NOT!)
At the beginning of the year he was Mr. Mom, husband, and Dad.  He did all the snow removal, cooking, cleaning, you name it.  He never complained or made me feel bad that I couldn't do more.  We both learned a lot in this time frame.  I always knew he could manage without me, but now I really know he could.  He even made dinner for the dinner group, and delivered it so we could get dinner brought to us the rest of the week.  
He is still working at Apogee and is satisfied in the capacity he fills there.  I am very grateful he loves what he does and that they are happy with him.  He is the manager there and the largest accomplishment for the year was the completion of their beautiful building.  He foresaw all the construction of this project.  He does so well at envisioning things so this was a fun and rewarding project to be a part of.  The Herald Journal did a really nice article on the building and how innovative the construction is.  Click for a great picture of the new building of Apogee.
This fall Devin joined the American Festival Chorus which is conducted by Craig Jessop.  This has been a fun out for both of us because we can go together and share this amazing musical experience with each other.   We are so grateful to have found out about it so we could tryout.  
This year Devin is coaching Traeden's basketball team.  He does a fantastic job.  He is so concerned about the boys, and wants them to have a positive experience.  
I was able to throw him a surprise birthday party for him this year.  Since his birthday is Christmas Eve, he often gets overlooked so I wanted to make sure he knew how much he his loved.  
I sure appreciate all Devin does for our family.  He is a wonderful dad and husband.  I'm a lucky lucky girl!


Sandra said...

I think it's neat that you are doing a summary of everyone. We will have to come see your shed. Sorry we missed Devins party!

cbracken said...

Fun to come to know him better! I'm glad to know you are happily matched!