Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Parable of the Broken Leg

So I'm reflecting again today and thinking about what I was doing at this time a year ago.  It reminded me of my first sharing time that I gave the lesson after I broke my leg.  The topic was about Repentance.  I couldn't get out of my mind the similarities of my experience with physical healing and the spiritual healing of repentance.  So I wrote the following to share with our Primary children, cast and all.
All of us as humans can get physically hurt.  I had an accident where I hurt my leg.  It hurt me really bad, and as soon as it happened I knew this was not just a bruise; I couldn't get up and walk.  I was taken to the hospital where a doctor found there were 4 breaks and told me I would need surgery.
I did have surgery and now I wear a cast to protect my leg so it can heal-it's like a big band aid.  The Atonement works very similarly.  Just like any of us can and will get hurt at one time in our lives, we also will sin.  When we sin or do something we shouldn't do our spirits are hurt.  Some of our mistakes are more serious and require us to have a longer healing process.  When our sins are more serious we go to the bishop who will help us repent.  When I broke my leg I wouldn't be able to do it without help so I went to a surgeon who was able to put my leg back together-this is like going to the bishop, he will assist us in the healing process.  But every mistake we must pray to Heavenly Father and say sorry and commit to do better.  The Savior heals us of our sins.  Just like he created our amazing bodies that can heal itself.  

Today a year later I look at my scar on my leg and it doesn't hurt but I still can remember the pain it caused me and I certainly will do everything in my power to avoid doing it again.  I believe Heavenly Father allows us to remember our sins for the same reason.  The spiritual agony we endure will help us avoid sinning again.  This remembrance is not to make us feel guilty only to make us wiser in the days ahead.  

I found it really cool that President Hales spoke of this very issue in April's 2008 Conference, only one month after I did my sharing time.  He  stated in his address about abuse, "Healing may begin with a thoughtful bishop or stake president or a wise professional counselor. If you had a broken leg, you wouldn’t decide to fix it yourself. Serious abuse can also benefit from professional help. There are many ways to begin healing, but remember that a full cure comes through the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, our Master and Redeemer. Have faith that with effort His perfect, eternal, infinite Atonement can heal your suffering from the consequences of abuse."

I have a testimony in the power of the Atonement and I am so grateful for the knowledge that I can be forgiven.  And although I may remember my mistakes our Heavenly Father has promised to forgive and forget.  I love our Savior and it's nice to know that he loves me even though I'm not perfect.  


Sandra said...

Great Parable! I missed you last post. I can't believe it's been a year. It's nice that you can look back and learn from it. Thanks for sharing your testimony!

cbracken said...

I think this needs to be put in the Friend! You gotta send it in! What a wonderful, inspiring message - and it is in language children can capture. Thanks Heather - you are delightful and I appreciate your example of finding the lesson in this painful experience.