Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Martin Luther King Jr. Day of last year was when I broke my leg.  I can't believe a whole year has past since then.  I have been reflecting on that and how grateful I am for the experience and what I learned.  Many of my friends have asked me to relate the story so here goes.
Our family likes to visit Derek and Charity and Janelle and Dallas down in Mayfield/Gunnison Utah at least once a year.  It didn't work for us to go down for New Years Eve so we went for Martin Luther King Weekend.  
It was a cold winter and there was plenty of snow so we planned on sledding.  One of our favorite things we do is to be pulled by Derek's 4-wheelers on tubes or sleds.  It is a blast.  After a good hour of being pulled around, we were about to call it a day.  I was walking on the ice and didn't see a sled coming right towards me until it was too late.  As soon as I was hit I knew I was hurt bad.  As I laid on the ground everyone came running to see if I was OK.  Conrad asked matter-of-factly "Is she dead?"  We got a good laugh out of that and sent the kids inside while Derek got his Suburban close to take me to the hospital.  After I realized that I was going to be off of it for awhile I started crying and Devin asked me if I was hurting and I said no, I was just sad because I just started a great routine of going to the gym with my neighbors and now I couldn't exercise with them.  Little did I know that this would be the least of my worries.  
The X-rays in the hospital showed a break in both bones in my lower ankle.  We opted to drive home to Logan with my foot immobilized and get it fixed there.  I really don't remember it hurting a lot until the drive home.  The shock wore off as well as the pain medication.  That drive was painful and very long for me but we made it home.  
I got surgery about week later from a great orthopedic surgeon.  Because I was five months pregnant I wanted to be sure we took precautions and monitor the baby.  Surgery required 2 plates and 10 screws and some major pain.  Because I was trying to be cautious when I first came out of surgery I told them I didn't need any med's two times.  Two hours later I was moaning, and deep breathing because of the intense pain.  I ended up staying over night in the hospital which I wasn't planning on because I wasn't managing well.  
After surgery I had a lot of time to sit/lay around.  I watched Monk, read books, cross-stitched, journaled, and tried not to go crazy. =)  
For my own record I'm going to list some milestones of recovery:
Jan. 21, 2008-Broke my leg
Jan. 22, 2008-First appointment with surgeon
Jan. 24, 2008-2nd appointment with surgeon (Brittany and Scott had Benson today)
Jan 25, 2008-Surgery 
Jan 27, 2008-President Gordon Hinkley Died today
Feb 22, 2008-Went to USU Basketball with Aliene and Don cast and all.  
Feb 23, 2008-Went to all three hours of church for the first time since accident (foot was very sore and swollen by the end but I'm glad I went)
March 11, 2008-Got my cast off.  In a Walking boot.  Hurts to flex and point, started to do the alphabet with my foot 4-5 times a day--Very painful.  Bearing a little bit of weight on my right foot with crutches.  
March --April 23rd Physical Therapy once or twice a week--at home I do exercises and Devin pops the scar with a snake bite kit so the scar doesn't stick to the bone.  Swelling is still bad enough I can't wear regular shoes so I bought a pair of 10 wides.  
June 3-Last Appointment with surgeon!--Everything looks great he said swelling will go down after I have the baby.
June 10-Abigail was born
I am so grateful for everyone who served our family at this time.  I have a journal full of names and acts of service from family, friends, and neighbors who helped.  I hate to list everyone for fear of missing someone.  But I will mention a few.  I thank Devin for taking on his responsibilities plus mine.  Mom O. for staying with us and taking the Samantha and Conrad for several days.  My mom, Melissa, Janelle, Charity and many ward members for watching Conrad and Samantha.   Brenda and Nicole for taking Traeden to school everyday, and Lisa and Christy for getting Samantha out of her crib after naps.  My dinner group and the ward for bringing us meals.  Derek for sending me flowers and movies to pass the time.  All the good well wishes by phone and card were so helpful.  Thank you and I love you all!  The hand of God truly reaches out to touch me and my family through the angels among us.  


gtitensor said...

Wow that's awesome!

cbracken said...

What a journey! I didn't know that story - Thank you so much for sharing. I teared up seeing the people cleaning up for you - we all have angels among us!