Friday, January 23, 2009

Claire's Baby Shower/Grandpa T is 80

We had a fun baby shower for Claire this weekend at my parents home.  This was fun to get together and see Claire so excited to be a mom.  She has waited a long time and she just glows.  It's so interesting that we are on our own time tables.  I always thought I would have been one of the last of my friends to get married.  I really wanted to go on a mission and go on a few adventures before I settled down, but Heavenly Father had different plans for me.  I'm grateful for my experiences and know that he has guided me in my life.  Just as he has in yours.  
During the shower, Devin and Dad started remodeling the bathroom.  They took out the toilet, tiles and the bathtub.  It was quite the job but it's only just begun.
My grandpa had his 80th Birthday Celebration right after the shower.  This was a cowboy theme with all the family wearing bandannas that coordinated with the family they belong.  Homemade root beer, ice cream, and cookies were served.  Almost every one of the Titensor clan was there.  Neighbors, friends, and family came to this celebration to honor Grandpa.  There was a special program that featured several musical numbers and ended with a video tribute Angie put together.  We are all hoping Angie will give us copies.  Hint hint!   Grandpa sure looks good for 80 years.  He is such a good example to me.  I love him and am so grateful my children have a relationship with him.  
After the celebration we went to Grandma and Grandpas new home in WX and ate Hot dogs and hamburgers and just visited with everyone.  The cousins sure had a great time playing and the adults visited for several hours.  
Monday we took Grandma and Grandpa Titensor to a Martin Luther King Concert at U of U.  It was a musical trip to South America.  Very cool music.  Conrad even got up to dance to the jive'n jams.  After the concert we drove past the capitol and was amazed by it's beauty at night.  
We had a fun weekend with friends and family.  Isn't that what holidays are about?  I wonder what other people do on MLKJ Day?  
Enjoy the slideshow and if there are any pictures you would like for your own history.  I'll e-mail them to you.  Just let me know.

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