Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Today I had yet another successful freecycle experience and thought I should share.  I had a friend who told me about freecycle and so I tried it out and love it.  Its basically a yahoo group based in Northern Utah who get rid of their things by posting their items.  If you have something you don't use anymore you can post the item as an offer and then those that are interested contact you through e-mail and then make arrangements for pick-up.  
I have received more then I have given so far.  We got some old kitchen cupboards that we put in our laundry room, I got a pan, and today I picked up a stroller that hopefully will work with our car seat.  (Our stroller lost it's wheel on Halloween)  We did have a funny experience on Saturday that made Devin and I laugh pretty good.  Someone posted that they had 4 Pokemon bean-bags.  I was so excited because we have been thinking about getting something for the kids to sit on during movies and such.  So I arranged to pick them up on the way down to my parents house on Saturday.  We went out of our way to South Weber and found the house with not too much trouble.  When we got their the father answered the door and we told him what we were their for and he had to call his wife to see where they were.  Shortly he came around the corner with 4 little Pokemon stuffed animals.  We smiled and said "Thank you."  We got in the car and started laughing and said "Bean bags?"  Not exactly what we were expecting but all the kids were so excited to play with their new toy on the way down to Grandmas.  
I have given away zucchini, peppers, 3 nativity scenes, clothes, bassinet and a Boppy.  
If you want to check out the group here is the link.  It's pretty fun and helpful.

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