Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Conrad and Amelia Bedelia

So as a kid I loved reading Amelia Bedelia.  She was so funny in the way she did everything.  She took everything literally.  Today I thought of this fine reading material after something Conrad did today.  He wanted to help me with my jobs today.  I thought that was super sweet.  He looked at my list of things to do and chose to change all the towels in the bathrooms.  As I was occupied elsewhere in the house he started the job.  As I went to check on how things were going he proudly said he was done.  But all the towels that were used where still hung up but the dirty clothes hamper was completely full of towels.  I then realized that he emptied out all the clean towels from under the sink and put them in the dirty clothes hamper.  After asking him again what the job was he told me that he was suppose to change all the towels.  And that is what he did.  At first I thought he was being silly but he really was just doing what he thought was supposed to do.  I had to laugh and say you are just like Amelia Bedelia.  I thought it was pretty cute.  Yes we did salvage all the clean towels and I helped him put the dirty towels in the laundry.  

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cbracken said...

So cute! I loved Amelia Bedelia too!