Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Great Mozart

I have said for over 15 years now that Mozart is my favorite composer.  I had no idea really what Mozart composed.  In high school I played several of Mozarts Sonatas.  They are still my favorite peices to play. I love the delicate runs and the transparancy.  You can't mess up on Mozart and fake it.  At least I can't.  
The last three months I have been singing, and listening to Mozart Requiem.  Saturday Nov. 15th The American Festival Choir finally performed it.  I had no idea how amazing it was until we started rehearsing with the orchestra.  Wow, they added a whole new dimension to the experience.  I don't have words to describe the feelings that were conveyed in that music.  After the performance someone told me I was so intense.  That music has a sort of intensity that involves the whole body and soul.  Simply magnificent.  
I watched the movie Amadeus for the first time Friday Nov. 14th to sort of get myself in the mood for the concert.  This gave me a new perspective of Mozart that I didn't really like.  But I have a part of me that is forgetful (this can be good and bad).  So I'm hoping I forget the bad and just remember the things I love about Mozart-his music.  
In studying and performing the Requiem I was able to experience more of Mozart's music besides the Piano Sonatas I learned in High school.  I concluded that he still is my favorite composer.  

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David said...

Mozart is my favorite composer too. I so wish I could have come to your concert! I'm sure it was amazing. I've heard parts of Requiem as we have the Amadeus soundtrack, but I have never heard the entire work. I'm so impressed with yours and Devin's commitment to the choir.