Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wet Day

Today was a full full day for me in more ways then one.  Our primary presidency had this great idea from to give our teachers coupons to use during the year.  The coupon is to be used for one Sunday off of teaching so they can attend Sunday School and Relief Society.  A presidency member will teach their class for them.  It has been a huge success so far.  Today was my turn to take a class.  I got to teach CTR 6, which happens to be Conrad's class.  I prepared for the class and was all ready to go and then Sunday morning I had a call from one if the other CTR 6 class teachers (we have three in our ward).  Her and her husband were sick and couldn't come to church.  No problem I said, I'll just put your class with the one I'm teaching.  I made more handouts, no problem right?  Well, we had a great attendance today so I had 13 kids and three of the boys could have easily counted for two kids each because of their activity level.  It was a little crazy but we managed to teach the lesson, and I hope they learned something.  Half way through my lesson one of the girls got my attention and pointed to one another girl across the room and said their was water on the floor.  (The little girl she pointed to had an accident but didn't make a move.)  I quickly changed the subject and no one else noticed and we carried on.  I didn't want to embarrass the girl in front of everyone.  She obviously didn't care to much because she participated throughout the rest of the lesson and even volunteered to lead in follow the leader at the end of class.  She jumped up and down and spinned around; wet and all.  Kids are so resilient!  After class I disinfected the chair and sponged up the carpet.  
After class Devin found me and said we needed to hurry home because our baby was wet.  Not only was she wet but she leaked on to the Bishops wife who so graciously offered to hold her so Devin and I could teach our lessons.   I was so embarrassed and a bit emotional after an exhausting day at church so I bawled all the way home.   It sure was a wet day.

Good News.  My best friend had her first baby!  She just came home with him from the hospital.  She called me today and we talked for over a half an hour.  It was neat to hear her express her love for her baby and husband.  I am so grateful for friends and family whom we can share and grow from. 

This evening I got to hold my infant niece who is just over a week old.  She is darling.  I can't believe all the beautiful dark hair she has.  It's a miracle, life itself is a miracle.  It makes me reflect on my own children and how they use to be that small and close to heaven.  The spirit that those little ones carry just envelopes the room.  No one can deny the Godlike presence and beauty of these children.  I'm so grateful to be a mother.  God trusted me with these beautiful spirits and I hope I can teach them and guide them back to him someday.  
"God gave us families to help us become what he wants us to be, this is how he shares his love, For the family is of God"  


cbracken said...

WOW - What a day! I'm glad you survived and found a way back to the basics and the love of your little ones! You're amazing. I'm sorry for all the wetness...I' sure excited to hear Claire's had her bundle of joy! I need to call her! love ya!

David said...

Thanks for the post and the reminder about how beautiful life is. Welcoming Michael into the world was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. There is something so divine about seeing a baby come into this world who had so recently been with Heavenly Father. Which still makes me wonder to this day how Bonnie's OB could be an atheist. Crazy.

Sandra said...

Sorry for the wet day but I think it's those days that makes us grow stronger as mothers eh? I used to be so emotional when Kevin was first put in the Bishopric. Not only did I have to handle four little ones (this was before BriLynn) but he was gone Tuesdays and most Thursdays. It has been so much better now. I still have those "wo" days but I can snap out of it when I think of all the blessings we've been givin. Great post! I'm sorry but I laughed about your baby leaking on the bishops wife.