Thursday, March 5, 2009

Builders and Destroyers

Devin and I have mused several times about the two types of children we have.  We have a builder and two destroyers.  One is developing into one and seems to be favoring the building traits.  Builders enjoy putting blocks carefully on top of each other as high as they can and a destroyer would rather push it over.  
Here is some examples that Samantha gave us this week.  
Samantha and her friend were playing while I was making pizza and bread sticks.  The phone rang and I left the kitchen to grab the phone.  When I came back, the can of non-stick fat free (ya right) cooking spray was completely empty and all over my kitchen floor, cabinets, and stools.  This took many washing to finally come off everything.  As I slid across the floor I knew all this spray was just oil.  I think if you use enough of it on your pans when you cook-it's got to have some fat content.  I decided I'm not buying it again-well at least for a long time.  Back to the greasing the pans with shortening or oil with a paper towel.
Grandma O helped Conrad build a fort with blankets and chairs yesterday.  He was so excited to hang out in his fort.  He got all tucked in this fort and then Samantha got in for a minute and couldn't stand it anymore she jumped up and pulled down the blankets.  Conrad was beside himself and decided to make a sign that said, DO NOT DISTURB, SAMANTHA. 
This same day I organized all of the children's books in Samantha's room.  I had all the board books on one shelf and the next shelf had the older kids books on it.  I figured because Samantha couldn't reach the second shelf it was safe.  Not a couple hours later, all the books were on her ground, and in Abigail's crib.  
She also has some cute letter on her wall that spell her name and Devin and I can't count how many times we have put those back on her wall.  They are now on her bookshelf-we will wait for a while to retry it.  
Now don't get me wrong, Destroyers aren't bad or malicious.  They have a zest for fun and excitement.  They are just learning how to express it.  There are challenges to both personalities and I'm grateful we get to raise both.  
I could be wrong but I think I was a builder and maybe Devin was a destroyer as a child?  I think I better ask our moms for that info =)  


cbracken said...

Fun pics! I guess it takes both to make the world go round...right?

David said...

Oh yeah, Devin was definitely a destroyer. No offense though.

overlyactive said...

Would you say you were a builder, David?