Thursday, March 19, 2009

First Sign of Spring

These little flowers were the spark of my day yesterday! It was the first day I noticed them. These little crocuses have been so fun. I planted them several years ago and they are always my first sign of spring. You can even see a weed growing to the left of them. Endless gardening will be in my next lot and I'm really looking forward to being out in the sun.
It's about time for a little update on the family. Abigail is crawling! She took her first crawls today. She still does more combat crawling but she is learning that the bonafide crawl is a bit faster.
Samantha has informed us that she is now "Sammy." She has said several times the last couple days that she likes to be called that. I think it's pretty cute because she came up with it on her own. I think nick names are fun, as long as they are appropriate of course.
Conrad started asking to play the piano. So everyday he has me teach him a few things on the piano. He says the Violin is just too hard to get out of his case and the piano is always there ready to play. Good point but I still am going to have him play the violin because he is so good! He can just do both if he wants! The boys have started picking up dog poops in the yard everyday. We have a whole winters worth of them. Fun fun fun.
Traeden just got a superior at Federation! He did a great job playing "Allegro" by Suzuki and "Whoop de do" by Kim Williams. Three judges listen and give him a rating. We were all really proud of him. Devin and I are having a hard time finding ways to motivate him to do his homework, piano, and jobs around the house. We have been reading books, and brainstorming ways that will work for him. He is not easily motivated. If anyone has an idea that has worked let me know. I'm getting desperate!
Devin gets a little time away this weekend to go to a cousins wedding in Twin Falls. It will be fun for him to be with his parents and Derek and Morgan.
We just got our plane tickets to Florida. We are going on a cruise in a year! This will be our belated 10 year anniversary and we are so excited. Well that's all for now, I got to help the kids with homework, they just got home.
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Peggy said...

I love crocuses too. They really do make you smile just by being there.

Sandra said...

Ahhh.... I'm so glad it's warming up. It's nice to kick the kids outside, even if it's just for a few minutes. So how much were the tickets to Florida?

ALYN said...

Hi! I saw your sharing time listed at sugar doodle, and I read the whole first page in really tiny, print. It looks great! But the download doesn't seem to be working... If you happen to get this message and have a minute, I would love an email attachment of the document!

overlyactive said...

Tickets were $360 for round trip. Non-stop. Delta. I thought it was a great deal.