Thursday, March 5, 2009

It takes a village to raise a child

I just want to thank my extended family for the love and support they give us as parents.  It is so much easier to raise my children when I have parents, and brothers and sisters who help teach my children just by example and love.  
Both Devin's and my parents have taught my children numerous things.  I see it even more now that Traeden is almost eight years old.  It is the parents responsibility to teach children the gospel principles so they can make a decision to be baptized at the age of accountability.  This can be overwhelming.  I feel like I have done OK but because of Traedens grandparents, aunts and uncles, school teachers, primary teachers, friends and neighbors, he has learned so much more.  
Just this week we have been working with Traeden on a few things.  Grandma O. stayed with us for two nights.  The kids love to cuddle with Grandma in the mornings.  She will tell them stories and ask them about things.  Just hearing bits and pieces of their conversations just touches my heart because I can see the blessing this good influence is on each one of them.  
My parents have continued having monthly FHE's as an extended family.  This has been a blessing in our life.  The lessons have become very child centered and it has helped them be more involved and learn on their level.  We also include the kids in sharing testimonies, talents, activities, prayers, and the lesson.  
I was saddened to see that in a Parenting magazine we got, a survey done where people were asked if they felt their children should be disciplined by other adults.  Overwhelmingly the percentage of parents said that NO, it's not OK for other parents to discipline their kids.  I was amazed with these results.  
I feel that if my child is at their grandmas, aunts, or a friends house, and he does something to break the rules of the home, I want the adult in charge to feel like they can give them a consequence.  I'm not talking about spanking or anything cruel, just something to allow my child to understand that there are boundaries and rules everywhere in the world.  I think we do our kids and other children a disservice if we just bat an eye when they misbehave.  I know I am not afraid of telling visiting children they should stop, if they are using language in our home that we don't use, disrespecting our property, or hurting others.
I have heard several times from teachers that more often then not when they have gone to a parent because a child is misbehaving in class the parent immediately defends their child instead of seeking a solution.  I think this is disrespectful to our teachers.  Our children pick up on this.  
It does take a village to raise a child, these good influences can help our children gain essential experience and lessons that will bless their future.  I thank all of you that make my job easier as a mom and bless my children's lives with your goodness and example.   

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Shanell said...

I absolutely agree with you! I hope that my kids are respectful at other places as well as at home, but this has to be reinforced everywhere they go. I have seen my kids behave in a way that worried me at a friends house because this was accepted in their home. I have also seen kids who behave well (only?) at my home because our rules are pretty straight forward. To me this just goes along well with what I think one of the very best things a parent can do- be consistent. You guys are great parents and definitely an example for those around you. When are we getting together again?