Sunday, March 8, 2009

Conrad is 6

Composed by Conrad Overly-Typed by Mom
It was Conrad's birthday yesterday, it was on March 7th.  He shares a birthday with his Grandma Overly "Grandma O".  Conrad said to me today, "Mom, I didn't have a cousin birthday party."  So we are inviting them over tonight for cake and ice cream.  Conrad wants to eat the words 6th on his cake today.  Our family has the tradition that the birthday child/adult gets to choose the menu for dinner.  Conrad chose:  The underwater, Macaroni and Cheese, Hot Dogs, and Chocolate Milk.  It actually was pretty yummy.  Conrad got for his birthday:  A book with a CD from Grandma T (the two boys have been reading/listening to it every night), and he got a another book called, "Shake my Sillies out" from G. Grandma T.  He got cards and mission money from G. Hyatt, and G. Overly in the mail.  And he will get a present from Grandma O in the mail soon.  She spent two days at our house this week and took Conrad to an ice cream shop.  Mom and Dad gave him a green and black backpack, money bank, and easy catch ball.  
For fun our family played Wii Play together.  Samantha beat dad on boxing, on Wii Sports.  


Sandra said...

Wow six!!! I didn't know Andrew and him were so close in age. Sounds like you guys had a great time. I do have to ask though....underwater? you have that before the mac and cheese....I'm confused. Happy Birthday Conrad!

overlyactive said...

It was just what the package said on it. The mac and cheese has this promotional thing for Sea World going on and Conrad really thought it was cool.