Sunday, May 31, 2009

Donny Osmond Concert

Last weekend (Memorial Day) was super busy for us. We went camping up Logan Canyon Friday night, swam at the sports academy on Saturday, babysat our friends kids for date night that night. After church on Sunday I drove the kids to WX then turn back around to make it just in time for our Choir rehearsal. We rehearsed for 3 hours that night. Monday Devin and I without kids slept in! We went out for breakfast and then did some yard work. It was amazing how much we could get done without interruptions. Then at 2:00 pm it was rehearsal time, change into concert attire, bus ride through town (almost as crowded as a Europe bus =)), sing at "Dinner with Donny", then sack dinner (complements of the Coppermill restaurant), back on the bus to the Kent Concert hall, then sing in the concert at 8:00.
Just a side note, their are many in the choir that are there to have fun and have a great experience with music. but their are a few that take things a little too seriously. We had some dramatic moments lining up for the dinner that were a little frightening, but we take it in stride and still had a great time.
We had such a great experience in the concert. The choir sang some patriotic numbers. We did a number with bagpipes, which was awesome. We sang a couple songs with Donny. Then we got to enjoy an up close but back side view of the concert. I was amazed at the crowd. He really has some ecstatic, devoted fans. I heard that he had some fans that follow him everywhere. They came from Canada and some other places. He really had a fun show and it was pretty funny to see the 50 something women do some swooning when he sang, "Puppy Love."
We are happy to have our Wed. evenings free again but have definitely enjoyed the experiences we have shared singing in this choir.
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Sandra said...

Ohh it makes me curious as what the intense times were. A fight maybe he he. So your done huh.. is the group staying together but just getting to gether less often? Nice hair for crazy hair day! I was going to tell you also...this Friday from 10-12 I'm going to have a water party for the kids. I thought it would be a fun "School's out" day. Danika is done this Friday. I hope you can make it. If you have any questions give me a call.

Shanell said...

My, don't ya'll look gorgeous? Ty said he saw you guys walking in that night but wasn't sure if it was you or not. ...boys.

JCCB said...

What a wonderful season of music you got to enjoy together!! I think that is sooo fun! I'm glad you enjoyed it and haven't joined the ranks of those who "take it too seriously" ha haa - life's too short right?

overlyactive said...

We are done for the school year and both plan on doing it for another year. The fighting was just about lining up. We had some confusion and then some yelling because we were not in straight lines. It was a bit scary and hilarious at the same time.