Sunday, May 10, 2009

Am I going crazy?

So the last week or so I've experienced some troubling events that make me think I am losing my brain or maybe it's just lots of bad luck.  
-Left my diaper bag, with wallet in it at a store, luckily was able to retrieve it because the employees waited around for us after closing
-Left another diaper bag at sister in law's house same day
-My mom lost her cell phone after an emergency pull over bathroom break for Conrad, in the rain
-Dad gets lost finding Little Ceasers and it late to the baptism
-Took our van to get the tires rotated, walked to the grocery store close by and did shopping and had them hold my grocery's so we could pay for them and pick them up after we picked up the van. My van took over two hours to get the tires rotated because a tire rod broke in the process so the store put all my grocery's' away and we had to start all over again.
-Used the wrong gas card so we didn't get our discount for the grocery's' we just bought
-Had a Red Box code to get a free movie, put my credit card in too quick and ended up paying for it--Arrgh
This has been a lot of craziness so it's taken me a while to process it all.  Hope I get my brain back soon!  =)  Be sure to take the survey by visiting the blog site.  Next post I will share our mother's day recipes and fun.


Sandra said...

It's nice when all the craziness is over and you can look back and laugh eh? Well hopefully you can laugh. I need to call Brenda, her birthday is tomorrow so it's time for another lunch whoo hooo :)

Beth said...

Maybe you're pregnant... :)