Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spring is Finally here!

We have had a really busy few weeks.  Both boys are in Soccer so we are doing at least four games a week plus practices.  Traeden is in scouts now so we have an extra night doing scouts.  This week we had recitals for both Traeden and Conrad.  They say life just gets busier and busier as your kids get older and I'm finding that is very true.  We love it and it has been rewarding to see their talents blossoming.  
The yard work is coming along.  We planted two trees and a bush yesterday.  I am trying to get outside for at least a half hour everyday to do yard work.  This is a challenge with the kids because they wander a bit.  My hardest thing is to keep them in our yard.  We have rules of staying in the yard unless they ask me and Samantha is pushing this rule everyday.  Abigail is into everything!  I am constantly picking up things she gets out.  It seems like she would rather play with anything but her toys.  She loves to stand and pull herself up on everything.  My estimate is that she will be walking before she turns one.  We'll just have to wait and see.  I am completely done nursing Abigail since she has four teeth and likes to bite.  This was much earlier then the other three kids but she transitioned very well.

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