Friday, May 22, 2009

Prank Call

Last night as I was getting PJ's on the kids and rounding up everyone for family prayer the phone rang and what I thought was a telemarketer said is the the Overly residence.  I sweetly said, "We are not interested," and hung up.  This is my defense against a problem I have of not being able to say no.  We don't get as many telemarketers anymore but not long ago we use to get about 5 a day.  That is more then I can handle so I have gotten really good at hanging up. The phone rang soon after while we were kneeling and I said don't get it it's probably the telemarketer again.  The answering machine picked up and then someone recorded the following, "This is Logan City Police and we just received a 911 call from your house and we wanted to call to make sure everything is OK.  We have a policeman in the area and will dispatch him to see...." Then Devin picked up the phone and they were gone.  
We finally got the story from the kids that Traeden dared Conrad to call 911 while they were suppose to be getting their PJ's on.  Devin called the non-emergency police number to tell them we were OK but once a police has been dispatched they are required to finish the job.  So shortly after we had a policeman show up and talked to us.  He was way nice and said it unfortunately happens a lot were kids call 911.
Devin and I were not happy about this and talked with them about how serious this was and we are hoping this doesn't happen again.  Plus I'm going to work on listening to the call and telling I'm not interested until after I hear more of the story. =)
This weekend we are going to go camping up the canyon and then Devin and I are singing in the Donny Osmond Concert with the American Festival Choir on Memorial Day.  We have two rehearsals leading up the concert as well.  I'm excited for a fun concert and up close view of the show!  My parents offered to watch the kids for us since we will be gone for quite a long time. Thank you mom and dad!  There is a nice article Desert News wrote about the concert if you click here.
My mom quit her job this week of 2 1/2 years at a Garden/Ranch Store.  They will sorely miss her but she will not miss the weekend working and not being home when family comes to visit. She is hoping to get more piano students to supplement their income.  
Happy Memorial Day!  


cbracken said...

Funny boys - - I'm glad they have you and Devin to guide them.

Cool - have fun at the concert and try to take pics! How exciting!

Sandra said...

Good luck with your concert! My kids have dialed 911 before if it makes you feel better. I'm sure they get a ton but you always feel like your kids should know better. It's always the little ones that don't realize they dialed it. LOL about you thinking it was a telemarketer.