Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Random Thoughts

I am a bit frustrated today.  We had a guy do our curbing yesterday and we were so excited about it.  It looked great....then it poured rained and it looks awful right now.  I can't get a hold of him to see what our options are and I want to think the very best and that he will make it right but lately I have seen to many times where people are not honest and truthful.  Sorry for the pessimism.  I am usually the very optimistic and happy go lucky girl but not today.  I hope to give you a great report about it in a few days.
On a happier note...I got our first share at the Community Food Co-op of Utah on Saturday and was so pleased.  Here is the food we got for $23  1 5 lb Bag White Potatoes, 1 Cantaloupe, 1 Bunch Radishes, 5 Apples, 1 Bunch Asparagus, 3 Zucchini, 6 Bananas, 1 Carton Utah Mushrooms, 1 Stone Ground's Artisan Wheat Loaf, 16 oz. Brown Rice.  Plus... 2 lb Chicken Thighs, 2 lb, Beef Chuck Roast, 2lb, Country Style Spare Ribs, and 1 lb Lean Ground Beef

We have loved the fresh fruit and veggies.  We made a yummy stir fry last night with the veggies and rice and beef.  This organization is a grass roots program throughout Utah.  Food is given out once a month and you pick up your order.  Most of the labor is done by volunteers and the only catch is you need to donate 2 hours a month with the Co-op or in your own community in anyway.  I think it is 2 hours a year need to be done with the Co-op.  You can count serving at your child's school.  I had a very positive experience.  The only down side is there is no branch in Cache Valley yet so I drove to Ogden.  If they get enough interest in Cache Valley they will start something here as well.  Check out their website for more information.  

Last thought is I've recently had discussions with my friend about wearing nylons.  She said nylons are completely out of fashion and no one wears them any more.  When I'm out on a nice date or go to a reception I sometimes will just my sandals but to church and always to the temple I wear nylons with my church shoes.  I'm curious to know what your opinion is on the matter of dressing your best to church, does this include the type of footwear you wear? Hummmmm...I'm needing some feedback here.  Post comments to start discussion, and their is also survey for you to vote on as well.   Hope you have a great day. 


JCCB said...

I was raised to feel uncomfortable in church in sandals...I remember hearing a statement in church from the bishop that the first presidency doesn't want flip-flops in church....we are definitely getting lazy as a society but we are advised to show respect. I don't wear nylons as much in the winter - but I try to wear classy shoes and longer skirts to compensate. :)

Amy O said...

Glad to hear you're a part of a food co-op. I heard about a SLC group just as we were moving. Sounds like it was the same deal with the service hours.

Funny topic about nylons because I think about a year ago I was asking a friend about nylons. I was having trouble finding any in the stores (that weren't size DD or whatever). She also said that people don't wear them much anymore, which I hadn't noticed. I stopped wearing my white nylons, but still go with black or brown sometimes. I'm ok with wearing nice sandals designated just for church.
Hope your curbing works out!

Sandra said...

That's awesome! It would be cool if they did that here. As for the flip flop/nylon stuff, I'm with JCCB whoever she is he he. I think we are getting lazy and it's not nice to hear flop flop flop especially at the temple. I don't ever wear sandles to the temple. As for nylon....I guess I'm old fasioned but I still wear them.

Beth said...

I wear brown or black nylons in the winter, but the summer I will wear nice "sandal" high heals. I teach the 12-13 yr old Sunday School class and have been very impressed with their "dress code". In my last ward, we had a BIG problem with girls wearing sweatshirts, jean skirts and flip-flops. I was shocked that their parents hadn't taught them respectful dressing at church.

So while you probably won't find me in a dress with nylons and high heels very often, I do try to look and wear my best.

Grandma B said...

This is a test. Hopefully this will work.

overlyactive said...

Grandma T says:
I hope your curb guy was honest. We had a guy come by and want to do our drive way ( it was road tar) I got to feelign that it did not sound right. They did our drive way and then went over to do Tom' little house. I did some checking while they were there. and found they had no License and the city sent down the police and stopped the paymentGrandpa had handed over the money in cash). They made the guy return it on the spot. We were blessed. I learned the call the better business bureau to check people that just show up at the door. I hope you knew the guy that did yours.
As for Nyon Stockings you are hearing from an "old" hand at that. I grew up in the day when we were not dressed for social or church without a hat, a pair of gloves and nylons ( or silk stockings then). I was glad the hat went and I always had to just carry one glove because I always lost one. I have always thought that looking reallly dressed up for church etc. is not complete with out "Hose". During world war 2 we could not get silk stockings and so we painted out legs with leg paint and then drew a seam up the back of our leg with an eyebrw pencil. I was never a fan of girdles that we wore to hook our "socks up to. The invention of nylon pany hose was wonderful. But while in Omaha on our mission I graduated to Knee highs. and It was great to be cooler. Now I have graduated to compression hose. I still think that hose look classy on ladys. And clogs and flip flops with bare legs make their feet look rather undressed. I suppose that the world is full of easier "fixes" from hair to toe. If I were a lot younger and my legs still looked great I might try it out. ???

hope your day gets less frustrating as it wears on. Love Grandma T.

overlyactive said...

Charity Says:
I always wear them in fall/winter but during the spring/summer if the weather is nice I generally go without, however I am always cautious that whether I am wearing nylons or not I wear sandals/shirts/skirts that are dressy and not flip flops, t-shirts or denim. These are just my thoughts but maybe I am still being a little too lax.

overlyactive said...

Janelle say's: I thought I'd comment on your nylons question. It is definitely the trend to have bare legs when wearing skirts or dresses, but I agree with you, when I go to the temple, I try to wear nylons (but they are usually a 'nude' color). I try to reason with my younger, trendier, sisters that it is an issue of respect to wear nylons, it's like being completely dressed. Whether you choose not to wear nylons because of the trend, or it's just plain easier to go without them, I say make an effort for the temple. By the way, those who are into the bare leg thing to be more 'with it', better make sure your legs have at least a bit of golden hue on them, because pasty white doesn't cut it! (I guess that's why I'm waiting for a bit of sun exposure before I bare my legs this season!)