Sunday, June 7, 2009

Destruction and Temple Pictures

Here are some pictures of the family and neighbors doing demolition of the curbing. Then pictures of the temple open house. If you want to go to the open house, tickets are still available. Click here for a link.
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Beth said...

You mean you were 2 blocks away from us and didn't even say hi?!?! Shame! j/k I hope you enjoyed yourselves. It beautiful isn't it? I'm so excited that it's so close. It's so awesome to walk out our front door at night and see it with the lights on. Gorgeous!

overlyactive said...

Actually we did stop by but you were not home. For proof we can tell you that there was a UPS box on your porch from Children's Place and Daphne's bike. We should have called you in advance to let you know what time. Are you able to volunteer at the temple for the open house?

JCCB said...

Looks like a lot of fun and good was had and done!

Sandra said...

So this is the destruction of the new curb that was ruined by the rain right? Sorry we missed you on Friday but we didn't end up turning on the water since it was too cold. Oh well..the kids still had fun.

Shanell said...

You guys went to this one, too? Man, you guys are faithful! =)

I am getting excited for all of our summer plans. Green Canyon is absolutely beautiful right about now.